An affair with the career

This time my favorite day “The Saturday” started with a cup of  tea with my roomie , “jave” (vermicille) on cooking gas and simultaneously packing for Meerut. I took bus from AnandVihar .A young couple was sitting near me . I planned to start a novel based on some DCE (Delhi college of engineering )guys. While I was reading about the fun in college  time, tension free life , I heard the girl next to me scolding her friend for his busy schedule. ,”All the time you are working , why you don’t eat properly bla bla ” and to this the boy replied . “Stop it Preeti, Enough why all the time you are after my life I know what I am upto I have to do lot of things in life I have to do training and all I have to earn money and I need to switch job for that I have to study , I don’t have time for friends and all other things  and so on he continued.
This reminded me of so many instances where people have ignored their friends for life , relations just for career. I still sometimes see and old friend of mine online late nights with whom I am not at all in touch now ( He lost gem of a friend 😛 ) as he is also too busy with his career He had no time for friends , for dinner, for LIFE
I remember my manager post’s on facebook
“and we are the trend changer:) we celebrate festivals, birthdays, holidays only on weekends”  because We don’t have time. Many people work on weekends.

Does this means that we all having an affair with our careers and spending most of our time to make our career ?
In school days I use to think , once I will start with job I will have a good life and I guess all of us have thought so but dont you think that our life has turned out to be something else ? Was this the life what we have dreamt of in our childhood? Missing all our festivals , missing all our best buddies marriages and the best incident I have heard was one of my manager was working whole first half of the day on his marriage day 🙂 .Why we are not saying to work pressure and why the Managers burning their Sundays to burn ours ? 😛

The question arises “Is an Affair with the career a good option ? ” How we can sacrifice the small happiness of our lives for the sake of a career. Why don’t we say NO when the work starts occupying the time meant completely for us and for our family ? When our career has taken a high priority over the family ?. I really fail to understand this . In the name of making their future bright , are not they loosing on happiness of present , which will never come back ? How can Dad’s miss their new born for onsite ? Onsite can wait but won’t you miss seeing your child grow , speak first word , taking first step. Dinner with family and to top today’s generation find solace in front of the idiot box (TV) instead of spending time and chatting with family.
Is sacrificing our life for the sake of the careers which is governed by a bell curve or some new policies is GOOD ???
We need to think .
But here among all the business of our life I would like to mention that their are few people I have seen who beautifully manages their work life balance. They are at the peak of their career and still have possession of a beautiful life at home. My DM of my previous company she is a great woman I am really surprised how she manages her family , She is  DM Delivery Manager at such a young age  in such a big company and still she enjoys girlie lunch with her friends , she prepares yummy and styloo dinner at her home , holidays with her daughter ,goes Gym and works a lot .I don’t know how she manages and I am sure she must be having much more responsibilities than ours.

I guess it’s on us whom we give importance what are our priorities and how do we manage. I am not saying ignore work do it with responsibility and ownership but Say No when it trades your happiness with a small pay hike .


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