After reaching office  in the morning , first thing I do , go through my official inbox  for some important  mail . Today  the most catchy mail was “The Appraisal Discussion”  sent by my Manager. It was important , because we will be discussing my future path in the organization. My progress chart will be prepared and I will be given tips for improving work and all.
DO you AGREE ?? This is what we think , but is this  the reality ?
I started thinking what could be the agenda of the meeting ,
Whether we will be having discussion about my work and on the basis of that my rating will be decided ?
Is this just a discussion  while rating has already been decided , communicated to HR and stamped by them ?

Is it a feedback about my work I have done throughout the year ?
But the question arises :-
If it is a feedback about the work you do , why it is happening at the end of the year. Should not it happen regularly ?Will once a year feedback will have any affect on the individual ?
Or is this discussion a mere formality for record sake?

I  googled for meaning of Appraisal , “an assessment or estimation of the worth, value, or quality of a person or thing”

Does that mean A person is evaluated in 15 or 20 minutes for all the work he has done throughout the years.
Is it doable or justifiable

Well 8 years in this IT industry , but still trying to understand this appraisal process  How appraisal is done ?what factors affect ? Why HR is playing an important role in appraisal when he just should be communicated about the appraisal ? Why a person whose performance is best still the rating is not  the best ?

Well from my point of view appraisal process should be a regular feedback process and progress should be tracked religiously . Also it should be transparent. Everyone should know why one person is getting rating 1 and why the other person 4 . This transparency can lead to a healthy competition.
I think
1. There should be a regular feedback session by Manager or colleagues
2. The Manager should have a meeting with the employees and prepare an action plan to track the progress.
3. The Manager should guide and inspire the employee to improve and update himself.
4. Team should be updated about the individual’s achievement.

I guess all the Manager’s will say Are we people Manager’s or project Managers ? This will take hell lot of time but seriously they have a point , but than again its all about managing your time and work and life.

We all people have to think upon a process A true appraisal process , a true feedback process , but then As  My Managers says 🙂 we need to act upon that process , making a process won’t do wonders , Acting upon will .


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