Bonding – With Physical things and humans Beings

[(-(old bond) +(new bond)) *(Physical Things)]Repeat

I am not sure whether the mathematical conversion of human emotion above is aptly correct or if it is close to reality or not but this is what I think. As time passes our old bonds loosens and new bonds gets stronger . Don’t you think so ?
Recently we shifted from our old office to new office. We vacated the old building last friday where we have worked for more than 8 years or so and everyone was like oh! i will miss this place , Today’s last lunch at A-47 (A-47 is old Building address)  and so on.
But I am sure this senti feelings will be only for few days and then we will completely forget A-47 building where many of us spent almost a lifetime   Is this not happening with all of us in human relations as well along with physical things . We are attached to physical things , sometimes with people around us and later on as we move on in life to newer places , new projects we tend to care less about people with whom we used to hang out and all other things about which once we cared about. We are now more concerned with the present surroundings.
I guess these attachments are fake emotions , we are not sure if we are really attached or not , it could be the  psychological effect . As all people around are being senti about the place so we are and if we are not there is something wrong ? I really feel sometimes how confused are we about our emotions , We love somebody or Is it just an attraction ? We tend to change ourselves many a times to get admiration or praise from other people , we set our ideals/role models based on popularity chart and not on the characteristics we love to see or admire . You ask any of the people around you about their role models they will name anyone who recently got popular or for girls it would be someone like Kiran Bedi or Kiran shaw . I am sure they would not be knowing what exactly thing they like in them and if they have ever tried to be like them , followed them.
Recently I read an article in TOI about “Love addiction”. People who are love addict they fill in their loneliness by asking others to love them something like that Doesn’t that implies that we are complete strangers to our actual emotions In Many a cases people just to fill in their loneliness , pretend to be in love.

I guess I am not clear on what I exactly want to say ,I am really confused about the Human emotions but the crux is Are these emotions being handled by our brain now a days.Is it something like that  our heart has delegated its emotions department to BRAIN ? We tend to be what we are not OR we try to imitate some other person to get admiration or praise or for any other reason ? I really do not have an answer 😦
What do you think ?


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