Killer looks are liked by Girls

Killer looks are liked by Girls… 

Isn’t  the topic interesting , this was some heading in newspaper ,I didn’t got to read the article but definitely it made me think that this kind of stuff is what most of the guys discuss about. How they can impress the girl in their neighborhood or in the college or girl in another team in office. oops! Am I thinking too much .

I have a friend of mine who says he can write a book on how to impress a girl. Whenever we talk , he tells me a story how he impressed the other girl in past. I am not sure, if he really was able to impress a girl by applying his tips , but would love to share those interesting tips .Here are some of them , I am sure you would enjoy reading !
[All my girl friends , let me know if you know any other tip applied on you to impress you 🙂 ]

  • Good sense of humor .                                                                                                                   If you have a good sense of humor, she will definitely like your company. Well I guess, this is true and logical  to some extent . Who would  not love to spend her time, with a lively guy ,who makes every other person with him laugh.
  • Don’t show them that you are after them. Act as if there are more important things in life than girls.(I know actually the truth is opposite)                                                                                               Again a basic rule ..”You always want the thing which is out of your reach.” So If the guy is not after girls, all girls will be after him 🙂
  • A little bit caring attitude, atleast on display.                                                                             “Let me hold your cup of tea for you ,its hot. you will burn yourself.”  Will any girl be able to resist such a caring person ? I don’t think so. Who would not love to have a friend ,who is so caring that he always keeps you on the side of the road, where there is no traffic.
  • Be a little possessive.                                                                                                                 Just be a little possessive about her .  If you take her out , make sure that she is comfortable and doesn’t feel lonely ,making sure that you give her space. Act as if you are jealous, when she talks about some other guy.
  • Appreciate them.                                                                                                                         Keep praising and appreciating her. Make sure that when she makes an extra effort in getting ready for a party , you appreciate her at the same time and be little honest too . Like If you love her more in saree and she has put on a dress , tell her you look beautiful in this , but you look best in saree. or sometimes I like your hair opened or something like that 🙂
  • Be dependable.                                                                                                                             Act such that girl have confidence in you that whatever is the problem , you will resolve.
  • Stick to your rule book (May be imaginary :))                                                                                                                              Just don’t agree with the girl for all that she asks ,instead go by your rulebook , put up your opinion as well.
  • Sometime Use catchy liners                                                                                                           I guess apart from some exceptions , all girls like some filmy kind of lines in their praise one or the other time they won’t show but definitely they love to hear .
  • Last but not the least Just don’t overdo anything.

These are some of the simple but basics tips that all of us know , but what I think is If you are really a man, you won’t have to do any thing , girls will be impressed by you.

Would love to know your opinion on this . Please comment on this or mail me.


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