Love and MacD Burger

One evening , was walking through the busy road of  Pune with a Mac D burger in my hand , I was , somewhat in a dismal state , not happy , missing something , The burger in my hand could not make me happy , I just felt like getting rid of that burger . So decision was being taken to give the burger to some one more needy of it , Why not to the little girl who was sitting on the other side of  the road. She seemed to be very weak and hungry too. Her hair were not tied up ,she was wearing  very dirty clothes but despite her dirty clothes , her untied, unwashed hair , her face was attractive , there was a innocence on her face which generally is missing in these day’s children. I have seen so many little one’s begging and they are way too smart , they will say you bad words if you don’t give them 1 or 2 rupees. Recently a small girl came to me and asked for money  I  asked  her to go and you wont believe she got angry over me and said “chal Kanjoos “. I was shocked. So these are today’s generation ,but there was something magical in that girl which forced me to offer her the burger in my hand.
I offered her , she smiled and kept the same in her Bag , I was startled and confused , Why she kept that in her bag .I could not stop my self asking her the reason for the same. “Why have you kept the burger in your bag , Eat it “bachche” , It’s hot and I am sure you will like it and will ask for more”. She replied ” I will have it with my family”.
I was speechless for some time not knowing what to say and then I smiled . The sad state in which I was vanished and I felt relaxed. I knew now, the reason, the thing I was missing. I was missing my family. The warmth ,affection ,care and love of my family. The little girl made me realize , No burger , No place no  money , in fact nothing can override/replace the Love of family. The best thing in life is love. Her love for her family was much more bigger than her hunger much more than tempting than the burger , even with the yummy burger in her possession , she was not tempted . She knew if we share that little burger we will have more fun , rather than having it alone.
Does this happen with you also Have you also thought that …..
It would be more fun in a small car with all family in sitting and adjusting !!!
A small one room to share with each other and rather than being alone in a Big room !!!
All watching a good old or everyone’s favourite movie on a sunday at home  cracking jokes rather than watching in a big multiplex !!!
A small “gol gappe” wala thela rather than a Big restaurant where you can’t even laught at the fear of being seen by others !!!

I know about myself , I would prefer having a cup of tea with my mom at my home rather than having a coffee at CCD.
What about you ????


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