Love in those days

Holi 2013 , It was on coming wednesday and I reached Meerut on saturday ,  applied for  two days leave and than wednesday was Holi . Well I took bus from MohanNagar this time, was not expecting any seat as Its was a before Holi weekend, but luckily I got a bijnore deepo bus and a seat next to conductor.  Jab aapko thoda sa jyada mil jaye tab achcha lagta hia na 🙂 well this time the journey was  not so eventful and unexpectedly trafficless roads 🙂 , but 1 beautiful thing i noticed this time would definitely like to tell you . An elderly couple was sitting next to me , Uncle seem to have some eye operation recently as he was wearing a black goggle . They were enjoying each others company , sometime sitting quietly or sometimes discussing one or the other thing. , but they seem to be happy and contended . They were travelling to their son’s place , but were not aware of the route properly, The conductor told them that the Bus will go to their place but they will have to buy the ticket twice. One till Mujaffarnagar and then from mujaffarnagar till their destination , they seem to be confused and wanted to confirm with their Son, The old woman took out her simplest nokia set and tried dialing the number I can see the effort which she was putting up to dial a number . all these cell phones all old people i have seen find difficulty in using it :). The other side seem to be busy so she kept her cell back in her simple purse which i was able to see full of medicines ,keys reading glasses and some religious books, They were not listening to any music in their ears as all the younger generation in the Bus was busy doing.   Suddenly a child throw a balloon from the road ( Holi hai ) and it hit uncle. Aunti  immediately took out her handkerchief and started wiping water from uncle face . It was so sweet . Just loved that moment ,
she than got up close the door of the bus asked the person sitting in the corner to close the window. She was so worried , checked twice if all water is dried or not as Uncle was advised to stay away from water.
I felt as if true love you dont have to show off , it can be just felt. I could feel how much she loved uncle.
i think love in todays generation  is far different from our parents generation , these days we want equal or  more in return , but in  olden days , both sides were not very demanding like All wify’s in those days were very less demanding , they used to be homely and never demanded time or anything else from their husband , while husbands were also not very demanding.
but these days both sides want more and more , they have lot of expectation from the other half. Like Husbands wants their wife to be smart , earning , homely everything they want. And similarly Wife is also demanding she wants her husband to give her time , lavish lifestyle , i mean all these sort of things …
I know its a debatable issue whether demanding and expecting is wrong but 1 thing for sure expectations definitely leads to misery  as when we expect it means we want the other person to be like us, to think in our way , to behave as if we would have behaved if we are in his place  Is this RIGHT ?? Are we doing right by asking him/her to change her completely for us This is unfair ..We really need to think on this and instead of changing ourselves we should create a third person HUM which embodies both’s . and we should not change ourselves.
I am sure if you understand what I am trying to say I guess these lyrics will explain you my point … Its a beautiful song and one of my favourite It completely describes how a marriage should be … 🙂

Apne rang gawaen bin, mere rang mein ghul jao
Apni dhoop bujhaye bin, meri chhao mein aa jaoOh chalo yoon kare,Tum, tum bhi raho, main, main bhi rahoonHum, hum bhi rahein
Saathi janam janam, u me aur hum.

Jaise Baadal Paani Ka, Yaarana Hai
Jaise Gul Aur Khushboo Ka, Dostana Hai
Waise Hee Rahein Hum Tum

Tere Mere Haathon Mein, Koi Bhi Pinjara Na Ho
Ek Duje Par Apna,
Haq Toh Ho Kabza Na, Ho Har Haal Mein

Ek Din Toh Who Lamha, Bhi Aana Hai
Dono Me Se Ek Ne, Chale Jaana Hai
Baatein Yeh Sabhi Hum Tum, Jaanlein Abhi Hum Tum
Dono Mil Ke Saath Mein, Aise Jeena Seekh Lein
Taaki Jo Peeche Rahein, Usko Na Ho Mushkilein

Teeno mil ke saathchale


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