Missing the greens..

Some  2 years back , I was travelling in my rickety infy bus, sitting on the window seat (My favorite) , thinking something .Suddenly my mind diverted towards the things happening  outside , I felt as if I am watching some movie through the glass pane of the bus.
The movie started with some small children playing and waiting for their school bus. Their mothers discussing and sharing their thoughts about the school and all other things related to their children in front of the gate of a high rise apartments , I can see some colorful Buildings trying to touch the sky and on the other side of the road there was just barren land and a small tea shop where some people are drinking a hot steaming cup of tea. Some small huts  and a small tap where 4,5 women were standing to fetch the water .
Now my bus  was moving from a part which is yet to be developed ,still there was land on both sides of the road and  construction is in its very early stage , The workers working there have made their  small temporary living arrangement to make beautiful houses for the richer section of society. The day just got started so they are doing their daily chores , washing utensils and few brushing their teeth by Datun(toothbrush from a Neem tree) .
Then the Bus moved towards the part of land untouched by Man.  I can see an orange line or horizon in front and which embarks the beginning of the limitless sky painted in grey and blue shades and end of the land which is brown in colour. Tress on both side dancing on cool breeze as if greeting good morning to each other. I felt peace within for no reason just at the beautiful sight.
I felt as if ,God created the beautiful land and sky, and adorned the land with the awesome flowers and trees. The whispers of tress,cool breeze blowing ,such a beautiful place called Earth is, but some monster disguised in the form of human being  came and started cutting the jungle and instead created a concrete jungle and We are just spectators . We feel content in AC air  instead of cool breeze , artificial trees instead of real trees.
Long time back I heard a story  about a King who loved the ho voice of a koel every single morning the koel used to come and sing for the king and king used to love it Than somebody offered him an artificial koel who can sing like real koel. The king forgot the joy he used to have from the original koel voice and started feeling happy but soon he started missing  the original koel.
I am sure something like that is going to happen with us as well. currently we are happy  owning a flat in a high rise building , a swimming pool gym and all other modern amenities ,but sooner or later we will be missing the real things , Don’t you miss sleeping on “chat” (Terrace)  ,watching at stars in summer at your native place ,I miss  all that  Do you ? 😦


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