I have a point….. Really ?

Well , recently  I have been reading/listening  a lot about people’s point  , their view on political parties as election is drawing nearer . Everyone is trying to project the good points about their parties.  In offices lunch time has converted to an All India party meeting. While people discuss/present/put their views on this , I was forced in to thinking are these points their own views or being inspired by media or by some other people . Have people really been following what these parties are doing or they just don’t want to put in efforts to find out the real facts and then decide by their wisdom and  just put other people words in their mouth. I have seen people discussing this party has done this and this has done that but when we want details they are blank , their knowledge was based on the ” 101 news phataphat types “,it seems that they have picked some points from one discussion and some from the other and have prepared their speech.

Some time back I have seen one add  I guess it was about some coaching or site .It was like one studious guy says i want to do MBA from  bla bla college and then all students just follow him because he is studious so he must have chosen the best and so we must follow him , and it happens we just follow people and just don’t want to put efforts to make our opinion , to find out what we want ,what makes us happy , we just don’t want to try ourself , we just don’t want to explore. Our society is like this , whenever we want to do or try something new , very few people appreciate us ,encourage us.

Sometime back ,my brother started his own business with his friends , they had their own vision , they had some points in their mind, but no one appreciated , everyone was discouraging,  Finally that business flourished or not that does not matter ,but I am proud that my brother has his own views and not inspired by someone. because that is important to have your own views .opinion coz that matters , if you have your own ideas your heart will be in it and you mind will also be in it , when we just follow somebody without finding out  that this is what we really want , our heart cannot be in it .

I am not saying that  following any ideal is wrong

what I want to say that Following somebody is not wrong unless you are convinced this is what really you want and you have found out the truth of the follower . Like until sometime back it following some so called God-man was not wrong , bur after so many incidents we need to click the button “Un  follow”  in our life and make our opinion about all things in our life .

To conclude I would say , we should listen to all and then use our mind to find out the facts and then after getting confirmation from our heart we should go ahead. [If heart and mind is not in sync to whom to follow you need to find out …….]


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