Getting over from “Break up”

I was not able to understand  when I first heard these terms “Break up”  / Affair / Engaged /Committed in terms of relationship and still can’t . Often I Overhear people talking “You know they broke up”.  Well whatever this terms means  and for whatever reason it happens it has so many repercussions. And every person has his/her own way to deal with it.  Well after observing few people , I found some of the ways really funny and some really needed for them to change their persona , their nature . It really works or not , I am not sure .I am sure you also must have observed  some of these are ….

1. Well these days … FB is one of the best friend to have you by your side when you are dealing with this BU thing. especially for girls .  All of a sudden you will find them posting things related to women empowerment , self esteem pages available on FB. Posts on these pages give them a booster kind of thing …

2. They will have their friend circle increased all of a sudden. This is because they want to keep them occupied  and friends who were ignored due to their engagements come back in to their lives.

3. Some preferred keeping themselves busy in work and cut off them entirely from socializing. In one of the movie when a guy brokeup with his love , he decided to go for an onsite opportunity he was saying no coz if you breakup in personal life , it means you are building up yopur profesisonal life. 🙂

4. Some act weirdly , they get themselves in to drinking kind of things and some people go beyond their limits i m not going to mention.

5. Some decide to marry as soon as possible and then live like there was nothing left behind.

6. and for some its easy… “Out of sight , out of mind”

Well i was just thinking that does these things really work , i guess they can work only if you were not serious or may be it works , not sure , but just a simple thought you can never stop loving or missing a person whom you have loved at some point of time so much , he/she was your day , night etc etc as they say in movies , you know you cant get over your pet , so how can you get over this..  well whatever … Let’s go for a break..


One thought on “Getting over from “Break up”

  1. Well u know.. life moves on at times.. I used to love my grandma.. she died one day.. I cried hard first day.. Harder second day.. Then one day I stopped crying coz I know I can’t keep the dead body with me forever.. I have to move on.. But this doesn’t means my love was ‘fake’ for her.. Or she is no one today.. I still cherish the good memories, happy moments spent.. the truthfulness of our relationship.. I also equally hate her for some things that she did and which adds to my hardships.. But the relation was true when it was.. The the truth today is that’s she is no more..

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