Who is responsible for inhumane nature of human being

Today at lunch table topic of discussion was “Corruption”and whether the  AAP govt will be able to root out corruption from Indian system ?.We all settled for the answer as a BIG NO, not because AAP is incapable, but it’s we the people who are the  real cause of corruption and unless we stop nothing is going to change. As soon as free water up to 700 litres was declared , people started offering money to set their meter value to 700 max. Who is corrupt here we the politicians.

People selling milk, mix water and some people in fact mix some chemical  used to save organs in hospitals, which can be poisonous if the concentration increases.

Doctors gets involved in organ trade just for some money .

women getting raped at every corner  and so many inhumane incidents.

I was thinking why people do such things?. Don’t they have conscience ?.How the parents of such people will be?. Are not the parents who are responsible for bringing up such a child.

All the values , sensitivity , feelings , emotions all this comes from the environment in which we are brought up. And the mother plays the most important role in this.

Recently, one of my uncle expired, so as per custom the family members were not supposed to cook proper food for a few days , but one of the family member cooked for her children arguing that her children will not eat  such food. Was she not making her children insensitive. Will the children be sensitive for anybody or her for instance ? No. This is not true motherly love . This is selfishness.  In fact she should have told her children , that they should eat whatever they are being given and this is a very sad time.

In 16 dec case , how the family of the accused is behaving as if they  have not done anything . How insensitive people have become. I think If they have raped “Damini”, Rapists parents are also responsible for this.

Once I was on a bicycle going for a coaching, a guy  standing on the roadside shop with a cute child in his hand commented  ,I  the child found it funny and no one told him that this wrong. This laid the foundation for the child to become rapist.

Recent Nido Tania case , It’s a slap on us. I just can’t understand how people can behave in such a inhumane manner.

Once I was in Gulmarg ,Kashmir and we were standing in a queue , a very smartly dressed women ate some snacks with her child and threw the leftover there only  , and another women who was not so smartly dressed , kept the garbage in a poly bag and which she threw in dustbin later , whose child will grow up to be a better person ?

Once I was walking in my society after dinner. A guy was standing with his friend d, his mother called him and he just shouted at her on phone and disconnected I heard him saying  “Bakwas krti hia” . I just stared that person how can he such things for his mother, then i understood for sure that  guy’s  mother must have also treated his in-laws like this and hence this boy must have learnt this type of behaviour.

Well , As they Small things lays foundation of a bigger building. So we as parent must be very careful as in what values are we giving to our child.


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