Give voice to your heart ….

Many a times it happens , We know some wrong is happening and we just keep quiet and  we don’t  speak up. We never say what our heart actually wants to say. Even the wrong may be happening with us or with anybody else…

what is it that stops us ?  

I have kept quiet  many a times ,when I should have ….

A very simple incident,once I was in bus ,a little girl child was crying terribly and hence was offered a chocolate by another passenger so that she can calm. The chocolate made the little girl happy but after eating chocolate , the mother took the wrapper from her and threw it in the bus (And we are the only people who said India is not clean) where we all were sitting. No one said anything to her .  I wanted to pick up the wrapper and tell her Mam this is not dustbin, keep it with you and later throw it in dustbin, but I never said anything , I don’t know what stopped me. This is not a big thing but  still… I still wonder what stopped me …

Recently in a movie “Highway”  a part of the movie told about sexual abuse of a child by her Uncle and when the girl child tells about all this to her mother.She kept quiet and asked her to keep so. WHY ?

Many such small or big incidents can be quoted from our day-to-day life..

What is it that stops us ? Is it fear , is it ignorance , is it we do not have conscience anymore , or our social statuses  stops us …. . Many a times we don’t speak up our  heart for a very stupid reason , what others will think of  us … I am in my group  sometimes called “Moohphat”  as in whatever comes in to my mind I speak up.. (even though there are many a thing which i want to say I don’t say).. But Am i wrong if i say what i feel ?Does speaking up your heart harms you in any way ?

Whatever  reason it is , even speaking up your heart is harmful for our life , for our career , no harm can be bigger than ignoring your conscience… so Speak up your heart , Give voice to your heart ….


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