Being straightforward……

Recently, I was having a discussion with one of my good friend , confidante ,adviser , critic  on the Topic mentioned above . “Being straightforward ” .

Well at the first I would like to put my opinion about being straight forward . I don’t  think being straightforward is not at all a good quality ,  though people having it boast of it and are very proud of this quality . The reason , i don’t like this trait in people because of my observations of the aftereffects of this trait. I have never seen this thing helping out , in fact this has put them in depression , or shocked or in an insulted state most of the time. I am not saying that we should hide the truth , we should pick cheesy lines , or we should lie to people . No this also  should not happen. Resolution is simple but definitely hard for people to implement it , because they will have to put a thought before applying this. we should represent the fact to the people in a “circular shape and not pointed shapes” so that it should not hurt anybody. By being circular shape , I mean to say we should be little polite and choosy about our words , we can say the same thing in a different way that can help people understand what you trying to say and at the same time may not feel offended.

Though I agree sometimes you need to be Straight forward,but not all the time.

Well I have put my point of view , i just can’t put my friend’s opinion about this who is a big supporter of being Straight forward. My friend can always comment on this.



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