Right/Wrong ???

Well, I find myself most of the time in dilemma in whatever I am doing , Is this right or wrong ?  .  And if you decide to ask people around you , you will have options , reasons as many as number of people . What we do in such situations , Take a pen pencil  , write all pros and cons of the choices and then decide based on priorities , few people like me who thinks by heart will go with the option  towards which heart will be inclined more, whether its the best option or not. Long time back , I read somewhere , “Just listen to your instincts and you can never be wrong “, but this is not the case , I am proved wrong many a times where I choose my heart over brains. So this means should I go by the signals sent by my brains , but then my inner conscience will be with me , will I have the peace , I don’t  think so. All of us must have seen the movie “Jab we met” , in one scene of the movie , Shahid asks Kareena Why you doing all this mess , this is not right , but then she replies to which I agree almost completely . She says , I do whatever my heart says , and even if I may be proved wrong , but then i will have the satisfaction , i did what i wanted , i will not be blaming anybody , it will be me who will be totally responsible for what happening to me , that would be a better situation rather than curbing all your wishes.

I often say , nothing is wrong  unless you hurt somebody to achieve your goals, just be true to yourself and others.

These days  everything around us is changing at a high speed , Its not at all like  our parents time . All emotions like trust , love have been lost in the crowd. All of us are just running like anything , without any motive , loosing all our peaceful sleeps to  so many materialistic things around us. The life style is changing , live in relationship are in which are completely against our culture , but then was the traditions and customs in our culture was right ? Was it right to have so many wives , or treating people on basis of their work.

well , i dont think so we can decide if anything we doing is right or wrong , so we can just make sure that we don’t hurt anybody’s sentiments



One thought on “Right/Wrong ???

  1. Agreed!! Do whatever you want to do.. Go where ever your heart takes you.. But only till it does not involves some other person’s sentiments..

    But all the issues in world can’t be solved that way.. The right for you may be wrong for others.. U just had a prank on a friend.. It was all in good mood.. But he didn’t liked it, or was hurt (Of course unintentionally..) Then what?? You can not define right or wrong on hard lines because the parameters are endless. And this uncertainty is the romance of life..

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