I was awed by her….

While walking on the BI lanes,
I saw her for the first time standing on the window pane,
I looked in to her beautiful eyes,
felt as if 1000’s of secrets there resides,
she was talking to the plants,
feeling them,while singing a chant,
I was awed by her innocence,
felt as if near her,there is God’s presence.

Few days after , I saw her again,
standing at the same place,the same window pane,
she was drying her hair,
sunshine was falling on her face,making her look more fair,
she was thinking something,
calm,composed and smiling,
I was awed by her beauty,
felt as if to protect her , love her is my duty.

one day I saw her laughing,
surrounded by poor children clapping,
I think she was telling a story,
of a beautiful princess and her glory,
I was awed by the love and kindness in her for children,
as if she is there to take care of everything abandoned.

This ,”to see her” became my daily routine,
She started coming in my dreams,
I wanted to talk to her,
I wanted to take care of her,
My heart was stolen by her beautiful eyes,
what secrets were there,no one could apprise.

One day I decided to talk to her,
Started thinking how can I approach her,
I dared to knock her door,
My heart was filled with fear,though feelings were pure,
What will she think of me
Will she talk to me.

Her mother answered the knock,
It was around 6 in the evening by the clock,
I asked for her,
then she appeared,
adorned with flowers of color cherry,
I knew the very moment,my life is a fairy tale ,and she is my fairy
I was awed by her beautiful eyes,
beautiful and vast as the sky.

I was lost in her eyes,then her mother asked me to sit,
back in senses, I saw in her hand a stick
oh! God,she cannot see me,
My heart shattered and weep,
She lost her sight in an accident,
Somebody that day drove, while he drank,
To save the old woman,
She gave her sight to that nonhuman.

The after life for her was very difficult,
But with love and courage,she coped up.
She is a lovely soul,
a cute beautiful little doll.

After listening to her story, I took a decision,
Guided by my heart and my intuition
She is now mine,
and sees the world by my eyes,
I am awed by her attitude towards life,
I am so happy that she is now my wife.

I now know that…
When you are in love,
There is no disability,no caste ,creed and color.


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