You by my side..

You were the most beautiful dream, My eyes could have ever seen,
I was completely yours and you were my everything,
It was all dark,when you entered my life like a hope ,like a light beam ,

You showed me the way out of darkness,with you by my side, I started walking and gradually flying,
Your presence only was a life support for me ,whether life tasted sour or lime,
Moments with you , dreaming of you , it was the best of the time,

I heard someone saying “Out of sight ,out of mind”
but I still see you ,whether I close or open my eyes,
Moments spent with you,
discussions I had with you .
stories I shared with you,
tasteless food I made for you,
the memories of those times, is the only treasure which is mine,
Nothing I can do to bring you back in my life
But I wanted to say you thanks,that sometime back you were by my side,
God might have his own reasons,that you could not be mine,
but I still have your memories to cherish all my life,
but you know ,something still keeps me surprised,
hope still does not leave me,
and I still wait for you to be by my side.


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