I still remember the tree

I still remember the tree,
where you used to wait for me,
To see you after the office,
I used to run through the traffic,
and there you used to stand with a shoulder bag,
adjusting your specs, checking time in your cell,
I still remember the smile that used to come on your face,
after keeping your cell,you used to shake hand.
I still remember momo’s buying,
spicy tears and a loveful smile.
Discussion ,chitchat,over a cup of tea,
often,over small things ,falling into laughter fits.
I still remember walks to the park,
taking long routes,praying that this time shall not pass.
I still remember you ,
like yesterday’s I used to do ,
I still miss you ,
like the only thing , I have for me is you.
Still my heart does not agree,
that you are not any more with me,
but I still remember to hope that one day you will come to meet me,
I still remember to wish that one day we will be together , just you and me.


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