A belated Obituary

Today I woke up to a not so fresh morning , not so happy morning. I had nothing to do, so came online and saw my old friend online. While doing chitchat with her ,I got to know that her father passed away in september ,suddenly and unexpectedly .

I had a chance to met her father once or twice, when I was sharing flat with my friend in Pune. He was so friendly, smiling , caring ,retired from Merchant navvy.

Though I never had a chance to talk to him after I moved out from that flat ,but he always used to be a part of discussion whenever I used to talk to her.
He was a great father , every girl would love and wish to have a father like him. He was a pillar of support for his two daughters who stood by them all the time.

Being a father of girls seems to be a taboo in India , people often say who would take care of you when you will grow old etc ,but he was proud of his daughters.
While looking for a suitable guy for his daughters , he met so many guys who wanted dowry instead of a girl,but he knew values ,thought process and other criteria are more important than any other thing. He could have given dowry and got her daughters married ,but he didn’t. He always supported her daughters in whatever they wanted , because of this only ,his daughters are so successful in their careers today. He made them financially strong, he gave them values , he gave them courage to face the fake world and their irrelevant customs.

Today when I am using past tense to write about him , I am feeling bad, her loss is irreparable , but I am sure she will live up to his expectations all her life. She will make her parents more proud and her father is still smiling to see her ,taking care of her mother and sister.

I wish , world may have few more fathers like him , who are against dowry , who treat their girls like their son , marriage is not the only thing in their mind for their daughters but making them independent, instead of saving money to buy them a groom, I wish they gave their daughters , courage to face the world alone, they teach their daughters not to compromise on values,love to take care of people around them ,just like Uncle Did.

RIP Uncle (Return if Possible)


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