Peshawar Killing

I have been reading and thinking ,past few days, what people are thinking and feeling about what Terrorists did in Pakistan. What Terrorists have been thinking about their act. Blood clad walls ,floors of the school,place where few days back one could hear noises of children playing,learning lessons,offering prayers to the almighty God to make them a good person and help them in making this society a better place, now the same place echos the cries of the mothers whose children were killed within seconds by few gunman who wanted to take revenge. They didn’t even,for once thought of the mother,who carried the child in her womb for 9 months,bear all the pain in bringing the child in this world and they didn’t even took 9 seconds to end the life of a pure soul , to pierce a love filled heart by the bullet.

I cannot do anything to lessen the pain of the families,just pray for those children to rest in peace. I can pray to the God, in whom I am gradually loosing faith or rather I should say I have lost faith in him. How can Allah or “Ishwar” or God can see a child loosing his life. How can he see blood all over,how can he see a world where humanity,love ,innocence are becoming extinct.Why hasn’t he come to save the child who has never done anything wrong to anybody. Many people would say,everything happens for good, I cannot see any good in this,help me.

Another perspective that I am trying to think about ,is the “terrorists” perspective. What was in their mind ,”REVENGE” or “HATRED” or “POLITICS”. What was their motive. This is clear that these people have never experienced a feeling called “LOVE”. I think they were not born out of the womb ,instead I can imagine they were born out of hatred or revenge. I do not blame them completely for this,it’s the fault of the environment where they are brought up, the people who taught them wrong things.Their heart is filled with ill feelings since the beginning and they act as a robots who do not have a heart but have ,what all is filled by the instructor. They blindly follow what they are being told to do so. They do not feel anything else they could not have done this.They have stopped feeling,they have stopped thinking.They are robot and we cannot blame a robot for any destructive,inhumane thing done by them.

They says that this act is justified as their innocent children and families are also being killed.Really as if innocent people are not being killed by them , what about people who were killed in twin towers. Were they not innocent then why they have killed them. I am not justifying Army act as well. I do not understand why any of the side is ending life when they cannot create one. Why not try to have a dialogue,why not instead of capturing land ,help people settle in , lead a peaceful life. As far as I know ,”TO LOVE” is the only thing that GOD wants us to do,why we are doing everything else apart from LOVE.

A solution to this problem? I am blank , I cannot do anything , and I cannot think of anything. I don’t know if any solution exists for such problems unless some magic happens.I feel sorry for those terrorists. They do not know how beautiful this world is. They have never felt a loving and tight hug, they do not know the ” Simple Pleasures of Life”. I feel sorry for them, as they have never experienced love and care of family.

I don’t know if this can happen or not,but the only solution to such problems is LOVE. Love in return of hate. Else this hate-revenge chain will keep on growing and we will also be chained in this one day.

I read somewhere , the only way to take “revenge” of this “Peshawar killing” is to love the families of these terrorists, introduce them to a life that we people are living,give them education, teach them to earn a livelihood by honesty, teach them to love each other.

The only thing that we can do is LOVE. We can start making up a chain of love , who know this chain might bind them also and then this world will be more beautiful,everyone will be smiling.Seems this is the only way to save the extint species of “LOVE”,”HUMANITY”,”INNOCENCE”.


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