A Style of my own

“A Style of my own” a blogging contest by  Trishla emart . I have always admired the posts by women web. They have always been inspiring,motivating, a guide to all the women,how to handle the situations at home, how to manage work and home at the same time.The stories based on a theme always have been touching. But this time the title “A style of my own” made me think what is my style?. Is there a style of my own or have I been following somebody. Most of the time and with most of us, we follow somebody our ideal, all the fashion trends are like that and we buy fashion magazines just to check what is in.We follow our ideals,what they do ,we do . This reminded me of a movie ” Runaway Bride “. The girl in the movie doesn’t know what she loves,she thinks that what her loves loves she loves that,We do what others want us do , we wear what other want us to wear. My friend said once,we should wear clother of other’s people choices  and this is general trend in everything ,what we do ,what we think, the books we read,what we think,our thoughts are also affected by Facebook posts.In all this we have lost the true us.But this post made me think ,”what is my style”. “What I love”. So here’s what I found after cleaning the storeroom inside me. I loved full sleeves cotton kurta with a cotton churidar a jhola. Another love of mine is saree just like that without any safety pin :). A smile on my face is another accessory I love to wear. I would term this a simple and sutle ,a cup of tea and a book is my style.


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