Our Dream world and INCEPTION

After a long time, something grabbed my interest, a movie called “INCEPTION”.Generally I stay away from sci- fi movies, I am really not able to understand them. My mind is mostly full of crap from the romantic movies. But few magnificent movies I was forced to watch,of which, One was “Oblivion”, (though my friend helped me in understanding the concept and I really missed my friend while I was watching “INCEPTION”.) and another one was “INCEPTION”. I must admit that I am really impressed by the concept and I am not afraid but sorry to say that English movies are way better than our Indian movies. Thank God they do not think of character like “Ra-one” or “Krish”.(NOM).

Let’s talk about Inception. The concept was really intriguing and difficult to understand. And through my small mind whatever little I could grab was enough to force me to think about us, our life, our dreams. I was trying to understand by fittimg examples, our actions and results on the concepts in a different way. The movie was based on few terms “SUBCONSCIOUS MIND “, DREAMS,”SLEEP”, “IDEA”, “INCEPTION”,  “IMPLEMENT”. They were exploring the power of subconscious minds and dreams. Cobb and Mal were characters in the movie.

Cobb:-“Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.”

Cobb was talking about the dreams which we see in our sleep. I tried to understand and picture the statement in our life, from a different perspective. Dreams are actually, what we think, what we want to think, what we build in our mind, or what we have been taught or by what we have been influenced and they actually act as a curtain in front of our eyes which hides the facts, the truth from us. We just think what has been implemented in our mind and do not want to face the reality.We all live in a dream world which we have not created, but influenced, designed by somebody else, unlike Cobb’s world. We all are like “MAL” whose mind has been infected by an idea implemented in her mind. An idea, a dream has been implemented in our mind also but by somebody and we keep on waiting for the train, without being sure that we will reach our destination. The answer to the question “why we wait” is different for different “MAL”. We do not want to come into real world ,even after we wakeup.

Cobb:I miss you more than I can bear, but… we had our time together. And I have to let go… I have to let you go.

When “Cobb” said this to “Mal”,this reminded me of my friend,with whom I broke up sometime back,rather he broke up with me. It’s true that I miss him more than I can bear,but I have to let him go.But then, I further thought, was I also waiting for the train just because I would be with him, was I also living in the world that was not real.Was I also dreaming of him being with me or it was like any idea implemented in my mind.Was I dreaming all the time and building my house where I will live with the love of my life.

Cobb: You never remember the beginning of your dreams, do you? You just turn up in the middle of what’s going on.

What was the inception, what was the beginning of my broken dream.I still can’t think of the beginning of my broken dream.Why I could not see the real of him.

Cobb:”She had locked something away,something deep inside.A truth that she had once known,but chose to forget.”

May be I was doing this,deep in my heart I knew,this won’t last long,but choose to forget. Are we not all doing the same thing,We know the truth,but choose to forget or deny to accept the fact .If I am not a good cook, I am not,why I want my husband to praise my cooking. Why I picture my life to be a fairy tale which I saw when I was a child. Was that the “INCEPTION”. It was when I started dreaming ,so it was not my idea ?. The idea ,the dream of life full of love was implemented.?

“MAL: You killed me.
COBB: I was trying to save you-I’m sorry.
MAL: You infected my mind. You betrayed me. But you can make amends. You can still keep your promise. We can still be together… right here. In our world. The world we built together.

Whatever we do,whatever we think,whatever we know, We will still behave like “MAL”,who even after knowing the truth wants to live in the dream world . She knew that  her wish to live with cobb could never be fulfilled, but she ignored the truth and tried to convince cobb  and herself  to live in the dream world. We also do this.

But one fact, if we do not accept the fact, if we do not wake up from the dreams,we will become like an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone!

PS:I am not sure, If I am able to put up my points clearly or not, but would definitely like your  feedback and thoughts about the dream world .

Note : quotes of Inception movie were copied from Internet.


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