Purani wali Holi……………..

Another festival , of colors , of sweets , of love , of brotherhood. Well ,one thing I love about Indian festivals is that they spread a message of LOVE , of HONESTY, of victory of TRUTH. Another  interesting thing is the folk tales , religious sentiments attached to them. Everybody knows story of “Prahlad” and her aunt “Holika” ,”Narsingh Avtar “. These tales true or false I don’t know ,but they have been a part of my childhood and will remain as the sweetest memories to be cherished forever.

When we were small cute little children , we used to wait like anything for Holi , though most of the times Holi used to be in mid of our exams , but still excitement was always there. My mother used to stitch new frock for me and my sister every year on Holi. We used to get new clothes twice a year in those days. One on Holi and another on Diwali. She used to stitch with os much of love. But these days wearing new clothes have lost that charm, there is no stitch of love in any branded clothes.

My mother used to make “Gunzia”,”Shakkar Pare”,”Dahi bhalle” and so many more delicacies. There used to be a different atmosphere in those days. All neighbourhood women used to gather few days before Holi ,at each other places to help in making “Gunzia’s” etc .They used to crack jokes , share their problems and then many rounds of “CHAI” used to happen.

Then on day of Holi ,the colorful Holi ,they used to make a “toli” and visit each house of the neighbourhood and enjoy sweets prepared. And how can I forget “burkalle” , moon ,stars ,sun made of Cow dung many days before , then a necklace of these “burkalle” was offered on pyre ,which was signifying “Holika” and  was burned as per the “mohratta” ( A time decided to burn the pyre based on stars”). We used to keep balloons ready to throw on people going on the road. A tank full of colored water.Oh how much fun it was !. I miss those days.

But by the time things have changed, in metro cities the ” Burkalle”  thing is lost , many of us  don’t know about this and would not like to make these. Nobody has time to make sweets at home, everybody prefers to buy the sweets. And avoid colors to protect skin. My mother does not stitches dresses for us ,because now we buy from Malls. The excitement for buying clothes for eve of HOLI is no more and I also prefer locking myself in the room and talk to this laptop.

Everything is changing, our traditions,our lifestyle ,but is this change happening for good ? . I don’t know but I feel sorry for next generation,for myself who will not be able to see even the glimpse of our time.


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