My organized side …..

Note: – As people who read my posts , must be aware that I just kinda vomit down all my thoughts ,without thinking that does it makes sense or not ,but you know as it you feels relaxed,clean from inside ,exactly that happens with me after writing. So whatever I write you might find it kinda awkward , coz I don’t even know at times the source of the thought or the idea, but for sure would like to share with you and your expert views on this :).

Actually this thought came in to my mind one of the Sunday’s. well when I woke up that day , I smiled and thought wow what a morning , no bhag daud,why I can’t  have such a day everyday.I have observed that everyone’s idea of a perfect Sunday or a holiday is somewhat like this.

  • No early mornings
  • Bed tea
  • Newspaper
  • A movie or shopping
  • Outing
  • Time with family
  • Self care [Hair Oiling , parlour etc]
  • Preparing for next week [Like Ironing clothes, washing ,buying vegetables for next week, grocery shopping]
  • Work pending for whole week like Bill payment etc
  • Catching up with a novel

But this needs time and who has time from daily routine jobs during week , in fact even Sundays and Saturdays are not relaxing. They take your life in completing pending works.

I was wondering why can’t we have a relaxed day everyday at home  , why can’t we have a morning tea and newspaper time for us and for our family everyday , why can’t we spend family time everyday. Why we can’t have a relaxed bath,why we can’t have a peaceful sleep everyday , Why we wait for  saturday and sunday for a good life and then spend those two days in finishing the pending work.

I am not sure ,but I thought of few points , that took a little more managing and can save us a lot of time to slumber around , for an outing , for us. That would definitely required to leave our laziness or for us to be more active. There are few of the points I could thought of and I am trying on these points and they are definitely helping me out.

We can do multitasking and plan so:-

  • There are many times when we just wait for milk to boil, or tea water to boil,why not wash one fridge tray during that time,second tray next day , this will save whole of our 2-3 hours that we spent on fridge cleaning on a weekend. [I have done this :)]. I also clean my kitchen jars like this. Not at one go , but sometimes one or two. This helps me in keeping my kitchen clean without wasting whole day.
  • When we brush our teeth in the night , juts collect clothes and set time for morning in the washing machine. These days all washing machines allow you to set time. By the time you will wake up ,your clothes will be washed and you will not have to wait for weekend.
  • Keep things as vermicille , or oats roasted in a box so that you can prepare breakfast in few minutes , and for roasting them you will not have to wait for  a weekend, this can be done while you are making chapati or sabji and your one burner is free.
  • Cleaning of wash basins, you don’t have to wait for a maid for that, just keep a scrub and after you done with brushing your teeth in the morning , scrub it,it will hardly take 5 minutes of yours.
  • During cooking, we should follow a certain order, which will save our gas as well as our time. Like for making chapati’s it is better we should keep raw chapati ready flat and round before we put them on Tava.
  • Keep a sticky notepad in kitchen and keep writing  things on notepad which you have to buy.
  • Online order of grocery would save you a lot of  time and would be little cheaper.
  • For personal care, you can use  the time when you are in kitchen. Like while chopping tomatoes ,apply a  slice  on your face as well. Just before you enter kitchen , apply besan and curd paste on your face. These will keep your face radiant and you might not need go to parlour at least for a cleanup.
  • When you are back from office , you can use 5-10 min for Yoga ,while your vegetable is on stove.
  • Keep things clothes, bag etc ready for next day that will save your time ,which you can use in having a relaxed breakfast with your family.

These are small tips to save my saturday and sunday. Any tips of your’s is most welcome, you can add in the comment section below.


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