Ladies Purse ………. Women Day special

Well my last blog was about being organized, how can we ,by being little more organized save us a lot of time and make our life easier . But frankly how hard I try , there’s one thing in my life that can’t be organized and that is “MY PURSE”. And all of you reading my blog will agree to this. A woman’s purse has always been a mystery for Men. She can keep the whole world in her purse. Well on the eve of Women Day I decided to organize my purse and planned to note down all things kept in my purse and remove them or keep them based on their usage. Below mentioned was the list and I could not think of anything to remove  from my purse , so the result of this “organize purse ” mission was again a purse full of stuff and to find anything from that you have to take out everything 🙂

List of things found in Purse

  1. Old chocolate wrappers 🙂 .(How old . even I don’t know)
  2. Pen,pencil,eraser,sharpener
  3. A notepad
  4. A personal diary
  5. A novel
  6. So many ATM receipts
  7. Face cream,Sunscreen,Moisturizer,Hand sanitizer
  8. lip gloss , lip balm
  9. Kohl,Eye liner
  10. Comb
  11. Mirror a small one.
  12. Shopping bill
  13. Coins
  14. Emergency Kit
  15. Facial wipes, face wash ,cotton
  16. Charger,Data cable,Phone
  17. Scarf and stole
  18. Lunch box or anything to eat
  19. Shades
  20. keys [locker  , house , and you never get your keys , you have to take out all stuff to find the keys].
  21. Tissue paper.
  22. In wallet :- so many cards , photos , id’s etc
  23. Umbrella

Your purse is just like my  purse ??  Let me know your views on this


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