Together we can

To be frank, I would not have written it, but when heard about the event of ( , I thought it will be a great way to thanks my friends who have helped me to keep the flame of hope alive for a better life. #Together we will rock

It was all due to a bus ride, was traveling back from office, when I met him, we just clicked with each other, and then my so-called affair started, a life anyone could dream of, it was at that time only, that I realized, what a great feeling it is to be important in somebody’s life, But then there’s no happy ending always and neither was mine. We broke up and my life became hell. I was heartbroken, frustrated, devastated, I resigned from my job, I was jobless. People keep themselves busy at such times, so that they could not think of past and MOVE ON. But this moving on was not for me, I was stuck in the past, lost all the tracks, many a times decided to kill myself. Started writing poems, diaries, crying every night, crying every morning, missing him terribly, that was all I was doing and smiling in front of my parents.

It was during this time my long lost friend, came back in to my life, he started liking my poems and got some idea through my blogs, what I am going through, he wanted to talk to me but not without my consent, then one day I opened up with them (His wife is a also a good friend of mine), while discussing my blog. And I am glad I did, because they have been with me since then, helping in my endeavor to move on from the past, they give me eyes to see the future. Helping me out to come out of that darkness, I do not feel alone and left out anymore. Yes, though he is not in my life, but I have friends and family who wants to see me happy. I am yet not back on track, but I am hopeful of a better life, of Love in my life, of a great career, of everlasting smile on my face. They have opened my fists in which I was holding the beautiful memories of my past and have given a ray of hope in my hands which will lead to a beautiful life. They do not advice me, but listen to me and I guess this is what I needed at that time. I wanted to let out all my feelings, how I am feeling, what I want. I was totally in dark, not knowing what to do. They gave me a hope.

I know that life is beautiful and this is not the end, and ending life is not a solution. I should use this life to help others, to help my parents, if I am not able to smile, at least I can try to bring a smile on somebody else’s face. Life is WAY BIG.

I am really thankful, that they are with me all the time and anytime. We are contriving so that I can come out of this life’s exam with flying colors. My friends have asked to me open up   and write whatever I feel like. There should not be any guilt feeling as you were honest and true in what you were doing and penning down my feelings  has worked as stress buster for me. I have started blogging , to let out my feelings , it’s kind of a vent of a volcano , what I write, may not be adorned with beautiful words ,it may not be beautiful phrased, but it’s true and straight from the heart.

I have yet not overcome of that phase of my life, but I am trying and my friends are with me. I am sure together we will do it.

Signing up with a ray of hope


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