Changing names – big deal ?

When I get a chance to put my point of view about any such debatable topic , few questions comes to my mind and based on that my side of whether in favour or  against or neutral is decided.

Well changing maiden names(in some areas ) or maiden surnames  is also one of such topics and this reminds me of  a song ” Naam gum jayega, chehra ye badal jayega,teri awaj hi pehchan hai , gar yaad rahe”.

I really don’t mind changing my  name or surname after marriage ,if the  traditions in my in laws family asks me to do so . When I am following all other traditions , leaving my parents to be with my husband and his family , sindoor , tikka , bindi , everything I am following , what’s in name.

Ours parents and in-laws are from a generation where such traditions still matters , though they are trying to change with the times ,but we cannot expect  them to be like us in seconds ,  so for their happiness change your name , don’t force it on your next generation , yes you can definitely put up your point in front of them , but don’t make this an ego issue . It’s not a big deal. All that matters is love  and care for each other emotions, sacrificing what was not at all important.

Remember that Idea add , when people fight on names , they instead of using names use number as their identity. Name is not you , it’s just a noun. My identity is not with my name ,it is about my work , my personality , my talent , my individuality.

The only problem that I see in changing names is getting it changed in all documents , that’s it , though it is one of the biggest problem that you will have to face ,especially when you to get it done in Indian system.  We can discuss this at homes.

Note – Completely my point-of-view, And trust me these things really don’t matter, what will matter is how much love is filled in their heart when they will call you by your name or new name or new maiden surname.

Penned down with a hope


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