Lookup for happiness, a place to live happy

Many of us work in IT industry to make a living and ours life is totally different from what our parents have lived. My father worked in the same office for thirty years and I have not lived in the same company for more than 3 years. Most of the time reason was salary hike, but when I shifted from Pune, it was a location issue. I wanted a job in Noida, so that I can live near my parents. I joined a company in Noida, but another struggle started, to search a place to live, a decent place. Me and one my friend wanted to shift together and we had few constraints like Metro should be near , my office Bus route should also be considered , two room set , a kitchen etc. We got a temporary arrangement for a month. Every day we used to look for sites such as “sulekha” , “ https://housing.com/lookup” , on office portal and then after office , either with my brother or my friend search for place to live, but could not get one after so many days. Then we decided to collect all addresses, phone number and took off from office to search for home. We got up early in the morning, packed our lunches, water bottle as it was July end, umbrella to save ourselves from scorching heat. We started our search from sector 26 and saw several rooms, but they were so congested, nobody could have lived in those.We were walking in the streets and looking for  “TO LET” board. The sector was full of beautiful houses, just like palaces, with so many rooms, AC fitting in all, and we were searching for a room to live, with sun above our head. It was so depressing, I just wanted to cry and ask GOD, why so injustice, why so inequality. In one of the lane we saw a beautiful house, it was just like our dream house, we clicked pictures with my favorite car standing in front of that beautiful house, but could not lift our mood, we were so sad, we were ready to go above our budget , to compromise, but still it was not working. We were so tired, wanted to sit somewhere to take rest. We found a place under the shade of the tree to sit and opened our Tiffin .While we were discussing our further course of action , we saw 2, 3 small children playing with a Pomeranian, they were feeding him and gave the puppy water to drink,the children were so energetic and laughing out so loudly, they were in a world of their own.We saw each other and smiled. We were feeling light from within. The depression , worry , tension all has left our mind and heart. The innocent smile of the children gave us a hope and we were ready again to search for a place, a decent place to live, on our conditions ,without compromising. We got up and clicked pictures with the cute puppy and small children. We talked to them and played with puppy. They posed with our pink umbrella, under the sun with a broad smile, which could vanish the depression and sadness and spread hope. They made us realized that big houses does not bring with them the happiness, but a spirit to live , to fight in all conditions, to be content with what we have and try for better ,without compromising on our values brings happiness. Within our self , within our heart  is #lookup for happiness.

We bid goodbye to them and once again started our #lookup


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