What are the 10 things you want to do before you die…..

Ten things I want to do before I die … ….

Well wishes are like stars in the sky, Infinite. Few among those wishes are like the pole star unique,standalone ,for which we can die, which inspires us to breathe , keeps a hope alive in our heart.Nothing  in this world can compare the joy , we feel in our heart when our wish is fulfilled.Such wishes becomes dreams ,dreams that stay in our eyes , whether it’s day or night, our heart and eyes are such dream’s abode , whether our eyes are open or close. So few or to be precise 10 among those wishes that I want to live for or die for are …………………..

  • Venice Italy …. I don’t know exactly since when , But I want  a ride on this boat under a star lit sky. There’s no particular reason for liking this place , in fact there are so many and much more beautiful places to visit , but don’t know why , I just want to be at this place once in  my life time, my  heart wants it and when your heart asks for anything , you can’t ask why , u just have to give it… and One day I will

  • Book shop… A small , cute little book shop of my own.  I  want to do something like a bookshop or a library or something related to it. Books , novels ,stories all  are a very important part of my life , Books paints my dream world,water my imaginations, make me want to believe that world can be beautiful with love. Often I live in a world similar to Alice’s wonderland , a place full of love , emotions , kindness , care, but in today’s world ,things like love ,have extinct , present only in the form of emoticons in our chat server. But the book world has all kind of people and emotions in it. Whether I read or not ,books cater everything necessary to keep alive the emotions inside me. This world has everything that I need to live. So I want to create a world of my own , a small world like this .

  • Garden , a small terrace garden in my house…. . Imagine a morning tea , in such a beautiful surrounding ,within the comforts of your house , or a bottle of wine under the star lit sky in your house , Would not such things add joy to your everyday life , life will be good , every morning will be a relaxed morning ,just like another holiday,morning will be more fresh and beautiful and nights will be more relaxing , more peaceful sleeps.You will have a corner of your own. I want to have a small such a corner for myself in my house , where I can be on my own , where I can talk to my plants , talk to myself.

  • A project for sex workers ……. I guess ,it was first Aruna Shanbaug’s case ,which just scared me and I knew that this earth is full of cruel people, when I read it Times of India article.After that ,through movies , news , discussions,debates , stories ,novels ,Damini case ,crime petrol and many more made me realize that we women are in this are treated in such a inhuman way.  I just can’t imagine how can anybody can be involved in a flesh trade , where such people conscince have gone , where is the heart How can they do such things. Or they are not human beings ,but instead robots made by some devil.Such incidents make me think, if we really are human being, who was distinguished from animals on the basis of kindness , love , care and brain.  But here ,I see all around us animals disguised as man who treat woman as their prey to satisfy their lust.  I just want to help girls and women who are forced in to prostitution or raped. I want to help them at least one women to live a respectable life , I want to be part of such a project which can help such women to live a respectable life of their choice.
  • A night out on beach ……….I have always loved beaches more than mountains , I love roaring music of waves and not the tranquility on the mountains. Collecting shells is one of my favourite thing that I do when I am on beach , and I have always wondered what it would be like , a night out on beach , a bottle of wine or  something like that , and me with myself , listening and dancing to the music of waves , seeing nature’s magic , right from setting sun , to the shining moon and then the rising sun,rising and falling waves of the sea. Of a night all with myself on a beach , without any worry , just me and the sea, a beautiful sky above me, a full moon shining and smiling.  I want to live such a night once in my life…..

  • A Japanese umbrella and a beautiful book mark……..I want to have a japanese umbrella , just like that , I don’t know how  and when this wish started dwelling in my heart ,but I want one a beautiful colorful , transparent japanese umbrella and a beautiful book mark for my favourite book just like a fairy’s magic stick.

  • A study table near a window , with a fairy lamp……… I saw it somewhere , a  study lamp , with a fairy holding light in her magic stick.  For me it was like a fairy or an angel showing you the  light , when it’s dark in your path. I want a lamp ,a fairy lamp, just like an angel in my life who can guide me ,when I am in dark.



  • Adopt a daughter…… I saw her one day in an orphanage , just felt as if I want a daughter like her , I wanted to adopt her , to make her my daughter , to take care of her  , to prepare her favourite dishes , get a beautiful Barbie cake on her birthday ,but I could not as I am still not financially stable , but one day , I want to adopt a daughter and bring a smile on her lips. I will call her Neeram ,she will be my life , my best friend and world to me.

  •  Kerela  and Udaipur Lake Palace……. I want to  visit Kerela once and live in a tree house , house boat and enjoy the calm , serenity of the place and want to stay in Udaipur Lake palace like a royal princess once in my life…..

Image result for kerala images

  • A blurry dream ……Well 10th dream ,is little blurred , I am not sure about it,but it is about meeting a person and spending a day with him /her. A person could be my ideal or whom I have loved most , whom I have missed most in my life , the person could be my best friend , or one whom I have never met , it could be anyone but must have played an important role in my life must have touched my heart and soul. This blurred picture of my dream will become more clear, as I keep on spending more days on this earth.

Well these are few of the dreams my #bucketlist, I want to live for , to live a life before I die.Though most of time ,I live in my dream world created by me but these wishes are closest to my heart , these are dreams I often see with my eyes open and I wish that I may fulfill my dreams one day ,before I die. Amen.







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