Sometimes a “sorry” is not enough… Then what is # Sorry ?

Well SORRY another word that a child is taught since the time when he starts speaking. SORRY , THANK YOU , PLEASE … All these words are learned by children by heart,but their significance , their relevance , their importance is never being told and hence the stories of misuse of such word starts. SORRY is the one word in dictionary which is most of the time being misused. People do hurt many a times intentionally and try to get away  by saying SORRY , It’s like Holy GANGES dip which will free you of your sins, Do something wrong and say sorry. You will be forgiven. It is assumed that you are free of any guilt after saying sorry.

As far as I have observed , there are 4 kinds of scenarios that happens when a reference of SORRY is made and 2 people are involved in each scenario. One who does wrong and another with whom wrong is done . For understanding and easiness let’s  give them some name. Let one who does wrong is called Mr. A  and with whom wrong is done is Mr. B.

Scenario 1  – Mr A – does wrong by mistake and Mr. B is hurt but he is a nice person In this case ,If Mr A says sorry , Mr. B will be consoled and he will let it go. Mr. B will be happy but even after saying sorry Mr. A will feel guilty when he will remember what he has done and always try not to repeat that mistake and amend the broken.

Scenario 2 – Mr A – does wrong by mistake and Mr. B is hurt but he does not want to forgive and want to take revenge   In this case, If Mr A says sorry , try to explain Mr. B his situation , but Mr. B don’t want to forgive. Mr. B will always be restless, he will always be looking for a chance to take revenge ,but by saying SORRY , Mr A will be relaxed, He knew he has done what he could and what has been done is done , it can’t be reverted , so he will be happy to move on.

Scenario 3 – Mr A – does wrong intentionally and Mr. B forgives In this case ,If Mr A says sorry , Mr. B will forgive him, Mr. B will be happy ,but saying sorry won’t help him , as he will always be scared of truth getting revealed to Mr. B.

Scenario 4 – Mr A – does wrong intentionally and Mr. B does not forgives This is worst case scenario, nobody will be happy .

Well I think , Sorry behaves differently in different situations and it should be used properly. SORRY makes sense only when we actually realize our mistakes and try to amend the broken trust , relations and the other side should also try to forgive him and give a chance to prove himself.

Sometimes saying sorry ,even though you have not done anything wrong ,helps. This sorry is capable of bringing in peace in a terrible situations , it can pacify the ego.

Sorry at any point can’t amend what has been broken, be it relationship, trust or anything ,yes it definitely helps in making sure that this will not be repeated. But sometimes people lose their most precious things,relationships,health, lives because of your mistakes and sorry can’t help you in any ways , It won’t bring you inner peace , neither will help the other side in distress. In such situations , you need to give yourself completely for the sake of the other side , this could be the only things that can help you to be in peace with your inner self.An article was posted in TIMES OF INDIA  , where in people have felt guilty all their lives , they are in depression because they have done something severely wrong. An Actor during shooting hit his colleague by mistake , and the person who was hurt , could have lost his life. Sorry was not enough and he still feels guilty and was  in depression for a long time. The story of Nagasaki and Hiroshima is another such incident , where the person who did this ,was not able to forgive himself for such a loss. Sorry was not enough. There has been many such incidents and cases ,where in Sorry can’t help you and is just not enough , then what else in such cases , how we can fight with our guilt what do we need to do. I really don’t have any answer, but all what I can think of  is , picking up the scattered pieces and start a new fresh , help people in distress , do reverse actions , like if you have taken a life , save a life. if you made somebody handicapped in an accident , give your organs. This can just help you in coping up with such situations.

Now with this I am concluding.

PS: I am #SORRY, if I have hurt your feelings.


12 thoughts on “Sometimes a “sorry” is not enough… Then what is # Sorry ?

  1. Well.. someone who is constantly making intentional mistakes has his conscience dead. He will say sorry for the sake of saying, never mean it, and will never be hurt.. Such people I see are the most successful human machines. They don’t have a conscience or heart, but all the materials of need..


  2. Scenario 3 – Mr A – does wrong intentionally and Mr. B forgives In this case ,If Mr A says sorry , Mr. B will forgive him, Mr. B will be happy ,but saying sorry won’t help him , as he will always be scared of truth getting revealed to Mr. B.

    in Place of B will be happy, it should have been A will be happy because it is A who made wrong intentionally and said sorry to B for forgiving it as a mistake.

    Kindly consider.



    • Hi Sir, What I want to say that in this scenario Mr. B will forgive , He don’t know that wrong has been done to him intentionally, so as he has let go and forgot. But A though he has said sorry ,but he never meant to say sorry, just for the sake of saying sorry he said , but he will always be scared of getting his truth revealed.


      • Got your views and understood it the same way. But the language used ( syntax in particular) in the text is still confusing to me as if B is scared that facts may get revealed to a WHEREAS IT IS OTHERWISE. OK . NOW WE ARE IN THE SAME FREQUENCY. Thanks for taking trouble to clarify.


        • Thanks a lot for feedback, I will try to work on this. Would love if you can give me feedback on my other blogs. Though I have been writing my thoughts, since a long time but that were for me, I m not good enough to put my points clearly, your feedback would help me. You can mail me your feedback on
          Thanks once again.

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  3. Nice explanation of work sorry… and the title is liked is the most. which eagerer me to read the post… I have face a situation like this where sorry is not enough.


    • THanks Hans, this was for a indivine post. I agree that we many a times have to face the situation where Sorry is not enough, but we must also try to understand the situation of the person who has done wrong. We cannot revert what wrong has been done, and the wrong doer’s guilt will punish him all his life , whether it was intentional or it was just a mistake. In such cases, it is we that we have to think for ourselves, if we keep on carrying grudges within our heart, we will never feel happy, light and free. We should try to forgive him or if you can’t forgive, try leaving it on GOD, and start a fresh, start living your life, just pack the grudges in a bag and throw it in sea.
      That is all we can do in suhc situations, life is like this only :). We sometimes have to laugh out a loud to stop tears falling dowm from our eyes, so that our vision is not blurred due to that salty droplet of tear.


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