Dil ki deal number one

Just follow your instincts and you will always be right. I am a diehard fan of that somebody who wrote this coz it has always brought magic in my life, be it the time when you have to gift somebody, or help somebody, you just follow your instincts. Following your heart may not lead you to the luxuries of life , but you will be richer in bonds of happiness, inner satisfaction , a natural smile will always be on your lips and source will be your heart.

I remember one such incident, when I just listened to my heart, ignored all the signals sent by my brain, I was scared, tired, but still followed my heart and what followed all this was magical.

It was few years back, when I was travelling alone in sleeper coach, coming to my native place. An old woman was also travelling in the same coach and her seat was next to me. She came to see her daughter and now was travelling back to her son and became my partner in the journey, it was burning hot in the coach, but she kept telling me interesting tales to keep my mind diverted. She was giving me instructions on how to travel alone, all the way she was talking to me, enquiring about me, we shared meals, though I was little careful in having that shared food, and in giving her my details, as instructed by my mother not to talk to strangers, but being rude to such an old woman was not my cup of tea. She told me about herself, her health problems during the journey, I wanted to rest, but her stories were unending, I kept smiling and listened to her stories of her grandchildren, her daughter, she could not read an alphabet, but she was proud that her children could. She was happy and I just could not stop her from talking.

Finally we reached our destination after a long night’s journey. I got to know that she has to travel to some village through bus and she don’t know which bus she had to take , she was not educated , so could not read what is written on bus. She never asked for help, but my stupid heart forced me to and I am glad it did. Though it was a little risky, you cannot trust and moreover I was too tired, hungry, thirsty and eager to get to my destination and meet my mom.But I couldn’t leave her alone. I never knew it would be so difficult to get her to the Bus, and the problem was luggage, as we were loaded with  so many bag packs. So I took my luggage and helped her with her luggage and started inquiring about bus which was destined for her village, nobody knew her village name. Then somebody asked if Bus to Rampur will take her to her village, suddenly she recalled and excitedly said YES!, I need to get in to that Bus only. We both smiled and took a sigh of relief , I asked her twice , if she is sure , She said yes with confidence, then next step was to find the platform where  we can find that Bus, it was not that difficult. We found her Bus, I helped her on board the bus, settlle with her luggage and quickly got her water and something to eat. She smiled, laid her hand on my head and blessed me, kissed me on my forehead. I smiled and saw her Bus leaving for her destination, She peeped out from the window, smiled and bid goodbye.

I was happy, relaxed, and proud of myself that I listened to my heart despite the brain signals. It was truly a dil ki deal.

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