I am writing a fairy tale to live in a fairy world

One day I found my old notebook in the storeroom, the notebook, in which I wrote my first story – a fairy tale. The book also contained collection of my favourite love or inspirational quotes written using sketch pen of different colors in calligraphy.

I guess I began writing to  give words to my imaginations, to draw and design the blue prints of “the” beautiful world in which I wished to live, a place just like the fairy world, full of magic, full of beauty, full of love, kindness and care.

I still pen down my inner thoughts and give words to my conscience. I still want to write a love story which will end with “happily ever after”. I still want to write a fairy tale where an angel would relieve me of my pain and I still want to write about my dream world. All this and more, I want to write. But now I am bit afraid of the consequences of writing. The ink of my pen dried when I heard about Washiqur and Avijit “the blogger” who were true and honest and brave enough to write how exactly they feel about the system , about the faith, about many evils and good things prevalent in the society.

But this fear can’t deter me from my responsibilities of being a human being. Hence I have decided to keep writing what I feel about the society, religion, faith, and God. I will not be afraid anymore of the people who really don’t understand the essence of being a human being. My inner conscience voice is louder than the deafening voices of hatred, violence, cruelty, egoistic beasts . I just can’t ignore my conscience because of this fear. And in such times, lines of song ( written as a tribute for victim of Peshawar School Attack) gives me a hope and courage to walk fearlessly on the path of truth and honesty.

“Haan thode se bikhre huey hain haare nahi hum,

Ye bereham zulmat ki tere maare nahi hum

Haan zinda hain hum chaahe aankhein hai num

Sahenge nahin hum koi sitam

Jahaan ko dikha denge kaun hai hum

Humein maaon ke aansuon ki kasam

Urainge uss aasmaan mein

Rahenge aise jahaan mein

Jahaan dard ka koi maara na ho

Akela na ho be-sahara na ho

Koi maa se bichhda dulaara na ho

Siva ishq ke koi chara na ho”

Fear of death can’t stop me from writing because  #IamWashiqur , #IAmAvijit. You can kill my body, but my soul resides in millions of the people who write to speak their heart and listen to the inner voices. You have snatched away my last breath from me to make me immortal.I am now in every blog, in hearts of people. I am now stronger, more determined and more desperate to wipe away the cruelties from this world.Time has come when the inner voice locked in cage of fear, will be set free to spread love and kindness. I will write for the sake of humanity. I will write for saving the innocence of a child. I will write  to save people from hatred, violence and brutality. I will write to spread love and imbibe the good qualities in the generations next. I will write to fly freely in the sky.

#IamWashiqur , #IAmAvijit and I just penned down another attempt to make this world a beautiful place.


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