With all due respect, Google Baba I can live without you !

Survival without Google!!.  Oh! common it’s just a search engine. Of course we can live without it.

Think of the times when GOOGLE was not born…..Were we not living, were we not thinking, were we not introspecting our selves, were we not making food, were we not writing code ?????. . In fact we have made the greatest inventions and discoveries without google. Our food tasted better without the recipes published on google.

So What is google? And why the fuss about making it necessary for survival ? . I googled it and this is what google says about himself



It’s just a search engine which gets us information about anything at a lightening speed and at our desk. But does this qualify it as “Necessary for our Survival”. We can get information through other means as well, agreed it would be time-consuming but it would be worth and authentic.

I also see many other points to vote out Google as necessary for survival because it is actually taking away the simple pleasures of our life….

I believe the world would have been different without Google ( It might be little slow, but when the journey is fun, it won’t matter if it takes a little more time to reach the destination. Isn’t it  ? )

  • Environment in offices – Just think our parents have worked in the same office for years and have solved the most complex issues. Were they using google ? No, but with each other’s help. They didn’t googled for solutions, but used brains, books and each other’s suggestions. Their logics, their aptitude are better than ours because they have applied their brains and not just googled. Unlike these days, when we just depend on google for everything. This is increasing distance between people. We don’t find a good friendly and helping environment in offices. In fact people don’t even want to share the google links which they found useful. Think, in absence of Google, everybody would be helping each other leading to more interactions, more discussions, more knowledge sharing. In such a scenario, we can be ensured of the best solutions applied to the product.Obviously because it would be based on everybody’s knowledge, experience and feedback. ( unlike present scenario where in we, in most of the cases, d apply what we find in the first link of google search without analyzing what would be the best). Think why fresher is not given internet, so that they can apply their brains, read and not just depend on google.
  • Our children and Google –The most negative thing about Google I find is, it talks to our children without censoring anything. It has snatched away the innocence of a child. With the invent of google, they are exposed to information, which they should not be knowing. Kids prefer googling out things and not playing and getting tanned in the playground and we as parents feel proud, if our child can google.
  • Lack of Authentic and verified information – Many a times, google provide links to information published by somebody based on his experience, which may not be true for us. This misguides our youth and children. Like few famous pages which are modified by we people based on our experiences. I have seen many cases, where in bases the information on google people committed crime. It has also increased the degree of violence and hatred in the society as everything, every detail is available.
  • Recipes Sharing – Many of us google for recipes , but don’t you think, noting down recipe over a call with friends and relatives would be more fun. Before recipes were available on net, we used to share recipes with our neighbours. We used to offer our food preparations with them for feedback, It was fun. I still remember the “Mirchi chutney” prepared by my aunty in my neighbourhood. But google is vanishing this culture. We google recipes, prepare food, had it ourselves, without knowing and caring who is our next door neighbour, all thanks to our Google Baba.
  • Attitude – Google has also changed our attitude, our wish, our curiosity, our eagerness to learn. We often say “I do not want to learn because I will get everything on Google when I will need it”.
  • Reading pleasures –The pleasures of reading from a book, making notes on the book, writing names of our love on the books are not available on google but in our memories. “Those were days”. Now we just google 😦
  • Coding without google – I am a techie and everybody including me often say, without Google we can’t code. Really !. You can’t do anything without Google, by the way who gave birth to Google ? .We are very much efficient without google, in fact google has made us less efficient, dependent on it, now we don’t type the code, we copy and paste from google. We just don’t care to learn the logic, or principles behind, we just copy it. We can’t even remember many a times a simple syntax and credit goes to Google. Remember ” Half knowledge is more harmful than no knowledge”, but this is what we do when we copy paste the code from google.
  • Lazy us – Google has made us lazy, we now don’t put in efforts to learn, “Arrey Google baba hai na ,sab ho jayega”.
  • Love and friendship on google – We often say, that everything is on net, I agree, but the fun and pleasures of sharing, caring and loving is not on Google. You can find love quotes on Google but not love.You can find friendship quotes on google ,but not friends. For true love,for true friendship, for true knowledge you have to shut down your laptop and step out from this google world.

Google is not making you efficient but it is making you handicapped. Just think of the time when our kid starts going to school, they learn tables, addition, subtraction and we don’t let them use calculator. We want him to understand the concepts and use his brain. If he starts using calculator, his brain will not develop, it will get rusted.  Same is the case with us, Google is like a calculator. It entices us to use it by giving us the quick results, without putting in much efforts. But by googling we are decreasing the capabilities of our mind.

I am not against google, in fact I have set my default page as Google. It’s judicious use can do wonders. But putting it in the list of things necessary and mandatory for survival, is what I am against.

PS: Google Baba I love you but unfortunately your love has not made me a better person, but dependent on you and less efficient. But still I love you.



3 thoughts on “With all due respect, Google Baba I can live without you !

  1. That’s not a really nice way of saying a “I Love You” :p. But i L.. L.. L… Like it!!!

    Now since you love to not love google that much, are you fighting for net neutrality in India??

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