Stars can’t shine without darkness

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

“Yin and Yang theory” was the topic to write about and indeed was quiet interesting. The theory is about two perspectives of a thing. Yin the sloppy, dark side of a mountain and yang the sunny side. Just like a dark night followed by a beautiful sunny day, everything has a negative and positive side. The topic intrigued me to find out how darkness and light stays together with us, all the time, like our shadow and we don’t even realize.

While writing about Yin and Yang I noticed that they are inseparable and are part and parcel of our daily life. Both are equally important as one pushes and one pulls us. We see the negative aspects of a thing first and that fear pushes us towards the positive side, the brighter side, the happier side, the stronger side. We have a tete- tete with Yin all throughout the day. Like an early morning increases my heart beat, Is everything all right at home. I always turn on the ignition of my car with a question in my mind, what If I hit somebody on the road? Even after paying for the dress, the doubt occupies my mind for a day or two if the dress will suit me.

I discerned that whatever we do, two types of ropes are tied around us, one that pulls us towards light and the other one towards the dark. It depends on us, our inner strength, our inner values on which side we are pulled. It depends on us that how we perceive the dark and how we see through the light. The dark can motivate us to take up the right path and keep on moving or the fear of dark can force us to take the wrong path to reach the destination. I read somewhere:-

“The remembrance of death is very powerful to restrain us from sinning.”

I believe in this power of darkness, that keeps us away from sin, but only our inner power can activate this power of darkness. The fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of losing keeps us moving, it keeps us inspiring to work hard, to do good so that our path is always illuminated by the flame of hope, of good deeds. Something dark, something frightening always stays within us and at the same time a light sparks in our heart, which gives us a hope to keep on going, no matter how dark it is, just see through the light of your heart instincts.

In the end all I want to say is “Stars can’t shine without darkness”.


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