Green ways

Walking alone sometimes really gets boring especially in a metro city, where in you hardly find anything beautiful except cars, high-rise building, bill boards. You will find everything in a metro city but nature. I thanked God, that at least I will find few trees on the left side of the road when I will reach NH 24 near CISF camp. I walked fast to reach over there, at least  there will be some relief due to cool breeze from the trees. But to my dismay, all the trees have been removed from that place. That little place was also snatched from the nature. I am sure this would be done by development authority to adjust the increasing number of cars on the road. I really wonder why people don’t start a carpool. This will save money, reduce pollution as well. I was so frustrated. I looked up to sun with a hand on my forehead to save my eyes from the scorching rays of the sun with a question in my eyes. Who did all this.

cryingsun : Some people from development authority did this for constructing an underpass to manage the increasing traffic. They snatched the space from the innocent trees which are unable to speak, unable to express the pain. They killed my friends, all the trees. We used to talk a lot. You remember relaxing under the shades of trees, that soothing cold breeze that was our way of talking, communicating with each other. My friends were so kind, they used to scold me. Why you torture people by increasing the temperature. They always cared for the world and worked for humankind. Trees always used to bear the heat thrown by me and provided you people shade and cool breeze. They used to hold water and soil in their roots. But you people have been so ungrateful to them.

*** (It brought tears in my eyes,, but I didn’t had anything to say. I was hurt. How could anybody be so unkind.)

52-girlsadcrying:  Don’t be sad, they must have some plans to replant those trees somewhere else.

cryingsun: I never saw any tree replanted.

*** (I was speechless, couldn’t think of any word to console him. I bid goodbye to Sun. After reaching home I decided to take a nap. I woke up to see the stars and moon shining in the sky. I realized that their shine is also fading by time. I heard them whispering. I wanted to hear them, so went up to terrace.

sad_moon: Hey all, how are you guys. It’s getting too hot these days. I guess sun is really angry for some reasons. Do you have any idea?

download: Yeah, even I am feeling very hot. And you know what my shine is also fading. I tried that sunscreen also, even that is not working. I wish we could have done something before that hole in ozone layer was detected.

sad_moon: Yes I know, even that ozone layer is feeling guilty without any fault. The hole in her layer is affecting the people.  Diseases like cancer are spreading because of this.

download: But dear Moon, why ozone is feeling guilty. It’s not her fault. It all happened because human beings are cutting trees, constructing buildings. They are destroying the ecosystem. The pollution emitted by vehicles  etc is the cause of hole in ozone layer. If the people on earth plant more trees or get these vehicles checked regularly, then this could have been avoided.

sad_moon: Even I was thinking so. In fact Ozone should have taken revenge as these people have defaced her. Wait let me call her. I will put her on speaker.

Trinnn trinnnnn

i_love_the_ozone_layer_heart_custom_personalized_sticker: Hello. Whose this?

sad_moon: Hey Ozone? You recognized me? Moon this side. How are you doing?

i_love_the_ozone_layer_heart_custom_personalized_sticker: I m really not good. Trying my best, to cope up with the situations.

*** I felt helpless, Can I do something for this. I slept while surfing net.

Next morning

I was watering my favorite tree in my small garden on terrace. “Harsingar”, my baby,   a small plant few years back, have grown into a big tree. I loved him like anything and he also use to shower his love in the form of white flowers with a beautiful orange color stem. But he was not talking to me today, he was sad, as if crying silently. I asked him. A leaf fell down from it as if tears fall down from her eyes.

1-300x225: “You know about my friend, “Peepal”, in the neighborhood. He was killed today by few people. They didn’t even consider that “Peepal” was giving them the fresh air since so many years.  What could have been more important than the life-giving oxygen. Last year they killed “Sheesham” just to make their doors. How could they do this.

*** (I could not think of anything to say)

52-girlsadcrying: Who told you this? I asked him.

1-300x225: That little birdie. You must have seen him sitting on my branch.

52-girlsadcrying: She is your friend? How come.

1-300x225: Yes she is also alone. All her friends either have been killed or left the place. There is no tree left in the area where they can nest.

*** I was feeling sad, dejected, and helpless. I decided to go in the park. May be the environment can help me. I reached the nearby park and sat on a branch in a pensive mood. Then a cutie pie came and sat near me. We both smiled at each other and in next second we were talking to each other.

images : Hey, why are sounding so low.

***I needed to take out what all was inside me. I told her everything about Sun, Moon, star, ozone. I knew that it was too much for a little girl to understand, but I just wanted to vent out what was inside me. I wanted to feel free.

images: Oh! But there is nothing to be sad about it. My teacher has told me about “ “.You must  go through the site and watch the video.

You will get to know about so many things you can do to bring a smile on Sun’s face, to help him cool down, to stitch the hole in ozone. Plant a tree in your area, avoid use of polythene,  don’t throw any waste in river. These small things can do wonder and will definitely bring a smile.

I pledged to do everything I can to save the environment. I saw at the sun. He was smiling and seemed hopeful.

Note: Images used in this post have been downloaded from internet. Thanks


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