Weeping parlours

Oh God! I feel like crying for bla bla reasons. But I am in office, I can’t cry in front of my colleagues, they will ask me thousands of questions. Where do I go to shed my tears?

We often face such situations. Don’t we?

Sometimes even when we are on the cozy couch of our home, we want solitude. We want to ponder on the question, the situation, we want to vent out our anger, frustration, and cry.

But Why do we cry? There could be numerous reasons, but one thing is common. We want to cry alone, in a secluded place. We don’t want anybody to be acquainted to the weaker part of us. As the famous saying goes – “I love walking in the rain, so nobody could see me crying”.

Finding an isolated place is so difficult. Isn’tit ironical, you are so lonely amidst the crowd, but there is not a place for you, where you could be with only you.

Based on my experiences and observations, I have tried to compile a list of places where we can cry or weep, or where we can be with ourselves, where we can have a tete-a tete with our true selves.

  1. Washroom: Either in office or at home, washroom is one of the places where in we can be ourselves. Whenever your eyes are filled with tears and the tears are about to roll down your cheek, and you know that you won’t be able to hold the tears in your eyes,you run towards washroom. Once you reach there, you allow tears to flow down your cheeks. You put your palms on the slap and put your upper body weight on your hands, look in the mirror and cry out loud. In office, at the back of our mind we are alert. If we hear somebody coming we immediately splash water on our face to hide the tears and red eyes.
  2. Temples: Recently I saw somebody sitting in temple on one side with his head resting on his knees crying quietly. I wanted to ask him, if I could help him in But decided otherwise, because sometimes crying out helps.
  3. In a crowded Mall somewhere near any planter. I remember a couple sitting near a planter in the Mall. The girl was crying like anything and that stupid guy was not able to console her. I am sure he must have broken up with her: P.Anyway, Malls are another place where in you can cry alone. And no one will bother.
  4. Bus: Another place personally my favorite, but window seat is a must.All you need is a window pane for support, cover your face by dupatta or something and you are ready to vent out your remorse, pain, anger in the form of salty water from your eyes.
  5. Pillows: Ok if somebody asks you to compile a list of people with whom you can share your deepest feelings, secrets what would it be? My list will definitely have a diary, residents of the dark sky i.e. moon and stars, a beach and a pillow.  I remember somebody telling me a story about pillow, ask your pillow before sleeping, to wake you up early in the morning and it will wake you up. I have experienced it. I know it would be due to psychological or scientific reason, but it works. So I share my fears, secrets also with him. And sometimes the soft pillow helps me to cry out loud. I just hold it tight and try to take out maximum frustration I could, to bring myself to peace.

Well whatever is the reason behind tears flowing down, scientific or emotional, heart-break or something else, crying out loud definitely helps. It helps to regain my consciousness, it gives me time for introspection. Tears just blur my eyes for some time and break my contact with the real and fake world. It’s just me and me for some time. I can talk to myself, I can face the truth during that time.



7 thoughts on “Weeping parlours

  1. “I love walking in the rain, so nobody could see me crying” by Charlie Chaplin I guess, you have given the right places to vent out the feelings 🙂 almost few feelings need to burst out in a lonely place 🙂 and some we need to with people 🙂 can’t laught alone ..nice post!


  2. Crying alone is the last thing one should do. Learn to share your stories. I appreciate you writing this blog to vent your feelings out. But peace shall come when you share the reason too.


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    • Thanks for reading my post. I agree with you, but I have a slight different perspective and experience about crying or weeping.
      Life is a big basket of problems and frankly it is you alone who has to resolve the issues, nobosy can help. Sharing the problems can help you lighten your burden a bit , but then crying also do the same thing. I feel so light after crying out loud and then I just wipe my tears and get ready to face the problems. Crying alone makes me stronger while sharing the problems woth others might make me dependent on others or may effect adversely my self respect. I might not feel happy to share my mistakes and my weakness with all. While when you are crying, that is the time you actually are talkig to yourself. Offcourse there are people who are very close to you, just like your replica, but then they already know about the phase you are going through 🙂


  3. Right, one thing we want to do all alone. These places are perfect to shed that burden and relieve ourselves. People perceive tears as weakness, I feel it is more like a cry for help. What words can’t say, tears express. On a lighter note, I will keep these places in mind. I cry at the drop of hat and I don’t want anyone to see me.


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