My incomplete story………. #IncompleteStory

I hope you all remember me,  I was in newspaper, on TV, in parliament,  on FB and what not. A dreadful night made me famous all over the world. Thousands of people took to roads to support me, while few blamed and made derogatory remarks. All thanks to few picks from the species of Homo sapiens who are devoid of a heart full of love and kindness. They knew only one thing – lust. They were devils in the form of human beings. Cruelty was in their blood. I hate them. They ruined my life, they killed me.

You will still find me sometimes in newspaper, news, or in a post shared on some social media. I came to know that they claim they are not guilty, they say it was my fault and I should have allowed them to tear my clothes and let them rob me of my dignity.

My body was burnt to ashes, but my soul did not set free. I am still waiting for the day when I could see them hanging till death. I was feeling restless and perturbed and then I came across this # IncompleteStory on this forum. So I just thought of sharing my story with you all.

My incomplete story

You never know what life has in store for you. But a hope is alive all the time that “This too shall Pass”. This was our story too. Whether food was served on our plate or not but hope was, always. We all worked hard to make both the ends meet. During this time, amidst financial crunches, despite so many problems, a dream was born, a dream to help others, to take up a noble profession, to become a doctor, to help the needy, to help my family financially. It was just a sapling, but my family watered it everyday, they offered their food to the roots of that sapling so that it could turn it into a strong tree. My parents sold their ancestral land to provide funding for my education. After toiling for so many years, burning the midnight oil, that sapling grew in to a tree. We all were happy and waiting for the tree to bear fruits. Even with empty stomachs we were able to smile, that hope kept our smile intact.

I was on cloud nine. Finally my dream was about to come true. I was moving ahead without knowing what was in store for me on the next turn. I was unaware that a storm awaited, to uproot the tree we watered for years.

That black day, I got in to the Bus with my friend after watching a movie. I didn’t know that I am closing doors to a beautiful life by stepping into it. They were demons, beasts in the disguise of human beings. They started the “Tandav” to destroy my life and no Shiva, no Krishna came to my rescue. I shouted for help, I begged for help but all in vain. My pleas for mercy were falling on deaf ears. They came near me, their eyes widened with lust. I was afraid, scared to death, dying of pain. I was worried about my friend, whom they had hit with a rod. I closed my eyes and with maximum energy that I could gather in that state, I resisted them. But I failed to save my dream. One by one they raped me, robbed me. One by one they gave me pain, unbearable pain, a pain that can’t be described in words. They tore my clothes, inserted rod in to my vagina. They took away everything from me. I lost consciousness.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself lying on a road  in torn clothes and my friend was running here and there for help but nobody helped us.

When I was in hospital, I heard somebody saying that I should not have resisted and should have given them what they wanted. I also heard somebody saying it was all my fault, why I took public transport and many other things. It hurt me even more. I saw many people gathering at places and raising voices to get justice for me. I wanted to thank them, but I could not, I died after few days.

Those devils were arrested after the public uproar but they are still alive. I want them to be hanged till death. They not only killed me but my parents and their dreams.

This was my incomplete story and my story will be complete only when those criminals will be punished, only when all girls will be safe, when everybody will help a girl in distress, when everybody will respect a girl and her dreams.

I wanted to live, to tell people I was not wrong to fight to save my dignity. No rule, no religion can say that I was wrong.

I wanted to live, to tell people who objected at me being out at 9 that it was not me who was wrong. Those devils who did this were wrong.

I wanted to live, to request people to raise voice against any injustice done to harm the dignity of a woman. I want those criminals to be punished

I have left pen and paper with you people to complete my story. I am the same Damini, I am the same Nirbhaya who was smiling sometime back, who decided to devote her life for mankind but those devils raped me brutally and killed me. I hope you people can make me alive again, through your pen. I am sure you people can complete my story.


9 thoughts on “My incomplete story………. #IncompleteStory

  1. Her story still enervates me whenever I remember the brave soul. She has lived her name, Jyoti, the light. But, I don’t think our Government is able enough to punish those brutes who have snuffed the light out for her. And, justice delayed is justice denied.

    You’ve made her story alive again with your words. Kudos! (y)

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  2. Its not only govt. Redponsible for execution of every decision and laws..
    Its you.. The people of india to decide your limits upto which you intend to effort to fight for justice.


  3. I don’t think Indian Judiciary is capable enough to punish the cuilprits ever. This is because everybody at the top level is corrupt and knows how to use the issues for their political manoeuvres. There is absolutely no sense of law and order in our country. Sorry state of affairs!

    I think people will have to take matters in their own hands someday.

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