An earthquake in his life

The needles of the clock juxtaposed such that the time was smiling. But Sandeep was irritated, frustrated, angry and boiling like an active volcano which was about to erupt. The reason was argument with his wife Minni at the breakfast table. She was asking to spent time with the family. She was blaming him to be busy all the time with his work. But how could he waste time when there is so much work to do. He brushed aside all the thoughts coming to his mind for some time and concentrated on the meeting. He was already late for the meeting as after the heated argument Minni got her fingers cut with the sharp serrated knife while cutting vegetables. The cut was deep and she almost fainted due to loss of blood. He quickly bandaged them and left her in care of their beautiful daughter Sani.

After meeting he came back in his cabin and lighted a cigarette. He wanted to ponder over the situation. The past flickered in front of his eyes.

Few years back, when he met her for the first time in an arranged meeting he clearly told her not to expect anything from him. For him his work was on top priority and he could not do all that stupid romantic things that a wife expects. She was a simple girl, untouched by the tantrums of the high society, he had always resented. Soon they were tied in to nuptial knot.  After marriage he started his new business in his hometown as he always wanted to. His business was flourishing and he was often on foreign trips for expansion. He was working hard for his family to give them the best of both the worlds. He was unable to understand why Minni was not happy. One thing for sure he might not talk with her for months but he could not see tears in her eyes. Her sadness was affecting him, but he could not leave his career, ambitions for all this. He needed to be practical. It is the money that could buy them happiness.

At home Minni was lying on bed, expecting a call from Sandeep. He could have called her to ask if she was fine. She remembered how the spark in his eyes and the most beautiful smile ever just floored her away in their first arranged meeting. He had a great job in an MNC, his own house in Doon, his father retired from army.  Everything in this arrangement was perfect and there was not a single reason to say “No”. But she was afraid of his ambitions. He was way too ambitious.  He wanted to be at top and his career was on top of his priority list. But her fears were curbed under the sound of the wedding bells. The happiness on the faces of her parents brought a smile on her face too. With a hope she stepped in to the new phase of her life. Soon after marriage he got busy in expansion of his business. They were not able to talk for days even though they were living under the same roof. Her life was confined to the room on first floor of the blue colored two storey house. She used to spend her time in taking care of the small garden in front of the house or reading novels. Marriage had changed her completely, she was not the same bubbly, chirpy, always smiling Minni, but has become a woman who was even afraid to ask for anything from her husband thinking that she would disturb him. She was completely a different woman now. Before marriage first day first show was a must for her, but now she had forgotten the way to theater. He hated Hindi romantic movies and loved sci-fi English movies. He rather enjoyed company of his friends for such movies as he had to explain her movies. He never stopped her from watching movies, going anywhere but she never wanted to go without him. There were numerous such incidents when she was taken for granted. He was so engrossed in his business that he forgot what is called spending time with family. In five years of marriage they have never been out on vacation. He was always occupied with his work. Even at the time of birth of Sani when a wife needs greatest emotional support of her husband, Sandeep was on some foreign assignment. She had lost hope of anything like marital bliss long time back. The only happiness this marriage gave her was Sani.

Sandeep was still perturbed and confused. He thought of calling her but decided otherwise. Today he was physically in office but his heart was at home only. Suddenly he felt a jerk and everything started shaking. The ground was shaking. It was an earthquake. Everything in the cabin was moving to and fro like the pendulum of a clock. As if this was a nature’s clock telling everybody that it is the death time. He saw the earth breaking in to numerous pieces apart and snatching all that he has earned but Minni and Sani. No! The moment paused. In that moment all the time spent with them came alive. He can’t loose them; he loves them more than anything in his life. The fear of losing them forever was greater than loosing life.

His eyes opened to find himself lying in a tent, covered with bandages all around. He recalled everything, the earthquake, the high-rise building converting in to a pile of sand and stones. Everything flashed like a movie in front of his eyes. He asked for Minni and Sani. Nobody was aware what happened to them. He got his family details registered in missing people’s files and started looking for them around. Everything was devastated. A place which was once full of life has been rented to DEATH. There was hues and cry all around. People were crying over lifeless bodies, the smell of dead bodies was making the air unfit for breathing. The toughest task was being performed by the people who were waiting in a queue for arranging the funeral pyre, to bid farewell to their loved ones. The death scored well than life at this time. Who would want to live in such a place? But still there were people who were living in such terrible conditions just to help the mankind. They had a heart of gold, the purest form ever.  He wanted to help the people, but love for his family made him selfish. He first had to find Minni and Sani. For the first time in his life, he realized how important Minni and Sani were for him. Nothing, no success, no money could replace them. He was scared of a life without them. He wanted to ask for forgiveness from Minni for all his mistakes and rude behavior. He promised himself that he would not give a chance to Minni again to complain and would give her the life as she had always dreamt of. Walking through the disaster, witnessing death all around, he reached the place where few hours ago was a standing a beautiful house. He looked for them all around, “Minni, Sani where are you?” His eyes fell on a jewellery box owned by Minni. He opened it to find a ruffle he picked up for her from a street shop, a chocolate wrapper and few other things that he had gifted her, tears flowed down his cheeks, a fear hovered him. He kept the box with him and started looking for them. Every single second was taking his life. He found Sani’s favorite toy lying there. He could not control himself but didn’t lose hope. He wanted nothing but Minni back in his life. At last she saw the face he has seen every morning by his side since past 5 years, but never realized her beauty. She was lying on the road holding tightly Sani. He ran towards them and tightly hugged them. Medical aid was arranged for them immediately. He thanked God. While Doctors were attending to his family, he decided to help the people around, physically and technically, in whatever way he could. He used somebody’s computer and created an application asking for help and posted on social media. He helped in arrangements of the tent etc.

In the night, he was resting outside his tent, looking at the stars, sitting among the debris and thinking that the ground shaked and shaked all his philosophy of life. This had made him realize the value of life, love and family. It is your family, love which only matters the materialistic world is perishable. It is the love and binding that keeps them alive.



5 thoughts on “An earthquake in his life

  1. The message conveyed in your story is not only beautiful but also profound. It’s family and friends which last till the end…their love providing all the strength and determination to live on. Material needs are just but momentary, they keep on changing according to the priority.

    Nice to see that Sandeep finally has realized the very essence of life…. 🙂 Really a wonderful read this was…

    Liked by 1 person

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