Fairy Godmother

It was the night before my first board exam. I was still left with half of the revision. While sitting surrounded with books on my study table I was foreseeing the future that I will forget everything, I will fail in the exam and I will not be able to complete my question paper. The night was a restless night. I was tired, feeling sleepy and still there was so much left for revision. I wished that some magic happens as in the fairy tales I have heard from my mother like Cinderella’s. I wished for a fairy Godmother who could give me a magical pen with which I would complete the question paper in a second. Alas! this was a dream only. I decided to take a break, and before I thought of a break, my mother was ready with a steaming cup of coffee. Till date I am unable to figure out, how she always knew before I tell her, what I want. I drew the white net curtains adorned with beads and mirrors to let in the fresh air from the window. My study table was arranged in front of the big glass window in my room through which I used to gaze stars and moon in the night. I was sipping the best coffee and looking at the full moon .The full moon was shining brightly, slightly yellowish in color, spreading it coolness all around. I could see the old woman spinning the thread sitting on Moon land. My mother often used to walk in the night and gaze at the beautiful stars. She had often told me stories about the old woman who had lived on moon since ages and fulfills the wishes of every good child. I wished that old woman could come down and be my fairy Godmother and fulfill all my wishes. I wished she could come down to earth and help me. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the support of my chair. When I opened my eyes after some time, my godmother was sitting near me and smiling at me. I looked at her; she was a lookalike of my mother. She kissed me on my forehead, hugged me and kept my spectacles on the table. She said “Don’t worry. Everything will be ok. I am sure you will do your best and will come out with flying colors. I have faith in you”. She came near me and helped me in getting to my bed, took off my shoes and covered me with a sheet. I looked at her, we both smiled and all my worries vanished. She switched off the light. I had a peaceful sleep that night.

In the morning, I was on my bed and my mother was waking me up to get ready for exams. I saw her and remembered the old woman who lives on moon and spins the thread.  I remembered that my mother and my fairy godmother both resembled with each other so much. I smiled because I now knew who was my fairy Godmother last night.



2 thoughts on “Fairy Godmother

  1. I had many such restless nights. Beautiful story. Our mothers have many faces, and to put in one line – they are our angels. They are always there.

    P. S. – Idea of woman spinning thread in moon land is very fascinating and poetic. 🙂


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