Yesterday’s earthquake

Yesterday I was sitting on floor browsing the beautiful blogs written by my friends on a blogging site. I suddenly felt tremors, I heard my neighbors shouting it was an earthquake. I came out to see the people gathering out and anticipating another one.

Okay I now knew how an earthquake is felt. This was the first time I experienced the quake, reason could be I was sitting on the floor or may be intensity was high. I have read about the destruction and the devastation, this earthquake brought with itself in Nepal. I have seen and heard about the death toll it took with it. But I was little surprised at the first thought that came to my mind when I felt that shake.

  1. I called my parents and siblings to check if they are safe or not.
  2. I collected all my documents in the bag and kept it by my side so that I can take my documents with me.
  3. I checked if I am properly dressed or not in case I have to go out as everybody in my neighborhood is gathering outside in an open area.
  4. I was also thinking that I should stay under the bed or go out, as I have read in Japan, people sit under a table in case of an earthquake.

At such a time, when you could die in the next second, you are thinking of collecting documents. I was surprised and thinking if there is something wrong with me.

I am still alive and writing this post and thinking what our brothers and sisters who died in this earthquake must be thinking at that moment witnessing all their dreams shattering, would they have got time to think, what would be their thought process. What would they be wishing, would they be remembering their lord or wishing to see their loved one for one last time. Would they be regretting for the wrong things they might have done or would they be asking for one more chance.

I still have so many unanswered questions with me forcing me to think the purpose of life.

In the evening I asked my friend to plan a trip, before any other earthquake comes and take me to the tour of the different layers of earth.

This post of mine may be scattered and I think I have deviated from the topic, but this was and so much is in my mind. A body full of life can convert in to a dead body in blink of an eye, and you cannot do anything about it, just regret. Death is so unpredictable. It can come anywhere, in any form and take away from you the gift of life. It’s so important to find out the purpose of life and live so as we do not have any regrets when we meet death one fine day during a morning walk or while sleeping in our cozy bed.

[PS: All my heart is with people who are now residing in heavenly abode because their “Ashiyana” has been taken away by the tyrant named “EARTHQUAKE”]


5 thoughts on “Yesterday’s earthquake

  1. Really a pathetic state Nepal is into. Three back to back quakes that too with strong magnitude with shallow depth. It has already swallowed 15000 lives. Let their souls rest in peace.

    Nice interesting post Nimisha.

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  2. True, life has a purpose and we need to look for it and understand it. One best way is to do things which is of value to humanity.

    Good one Nimisha

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  3. It’s funny but I didn’t felt earthquake.. My neighbor said apart from you every body was outside, wht were u doing inside?May be I was so busy in reading other’s blog that I even didn’t realize it 😉

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