Mother: World to us





Name: Maa

Nick Name:  Aai, amma, mom, mammi, ammi etc

DOB: The day I was placed in her womb.

Blood Group: ILFC (“Infinite Love for Children”).

Strength to bear pain: Infinite.

Weakness: Often cries when she sees her child in pain.

Color: Love


  • Slept in wet area and kept me dried.
  • Left her career.
  • Sacrificed her passion, hobbies.
  • Ignored her health, but kept me healthiest
  • List goes on

Rewards: None

Favorite cuisine: Unknown

Favorite color: Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown

Spouse: Abba

Nobody in this world and in this universe can love you more than your mother. And this is the fact which does not need any proof. She is the one who ask herself for pain to relieve us from pain. She comes from a different world, where love is selfless.

One peculiar characteristics of mother is she keeps asking for all pain to get transferred to her from her child. I remember once I got pimples on my face and my mother said “Oh! God please give all pimples to me and relieve her from pain”. I was like when she is praying she could have asked like oh God please remove all the pimples from her face. What is the need of asking pimples for her?

It’s in blood of every mother asking for all pain of her children.

When you talk about memories, every moment is memorable with such an angel. But the fondest memories of me and my mother from my childhood are:-


  1. We are living in a small 1 BK set. The room is small but neatly arranged. Kitchen is also small. Our gas stove in kept on floor. My mother has prepared saag and she is making “makke ki roti”. We 3, I, my sister and my cute little brother are sitting on a jute mat in the kitchen. Its chilling cold outside but our small kitchen is warm. She is serving us hot chapatis and we are fighting over every chapatti and laughing. I can see the innocent smile on our face and love filled eyes of my mother.


I didn’t realize, while we were enjoying hot served dinner, she had thanda khana that day, after cleaning kitchen and giving us milk.


  1. Me and my mother getting ready. We reach studio and get ourselves clicked.


Those pics of me and my mother are my precious treasure. She loved me so much. whenever she used to buy new clothes for me, we had to get ourselves clicked. I have a pic of mine with a real rabbit in my hand and I look so cute in that pic 😛


  1. We 3 along with my mother are sitting in the famous Satkar Dosa center in my native place. She is guiding us how to eat Dosa with a fork and knife.


My mother has always taught me, how to behave properly. Whenever I have done anything wrong or spoken rudely, I have been reprimanded by her. She is my true teacher of life.


  1. It’s late in the night. She is sitting on sewing machine to stitch the beautiful frock for me and my sister. She wants to complete it today, as tomorrow is Diwali. I can see she is tired, but the smile on her face whenever she does anything for us never fades away.


She has never got herself a saree on Diwali or Holi, but has always made sure that we put on the best and new clothes on Diwali and Holi.


I have grown up now, but she is still the same. She still forces me to drink milk in the night; she still gives me bed tea. She still cooks food of my choice. Nothing has changed her. It is me who has changed.


PS: Images have been taken from internet and

This post is written for Godrej #MYFIRST EXPERT



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