Broken wings mended with LoVe

Lying on  the floor with my hands stretched out,

like a bird fallen on the ground with wounds abound.

The gushing sound of the fan and the ceiling’s affair,

on my face lying the untied hair.

My small eyes- window to the world- tightly closed,

Something inside wants to open that bolt,

somebody want me to be poised,

But the fear to face the reality is not letting the peace to move in.

A path to unknown destination is built up on the forehead,

A pain resides inside the heart, a fear inside resonates,

I shake my head here and there, hoping I may get freed from the fear, from the dither,

I hope the images of the past which has left me aghast, may leave me,

Because I want to face the reality.

I hear somebody knocking-knock knock,

Who is this- This is me, your soul.

Open your eyes, face the world, clear your vision, remove that fear block,

face the turmoil, coz for people in fear death is on prowl.

I tell my heart everything will be in place someday,

albeit I felt lying on death-bed, unable to breathe, talk ,live ,lifeless,

albeit somebody assassinates my character, somebody blames my creator,

albeit somebody takes away my confidence, somebody says I am useless,

albeit I am still in love, lost in love,

albeit  I am vandalized, I was used,

But I could not blame them either,

coz they don’t have a heart , a love breather.

Yes!, everything will fall in place someday,

coz I have a heart full of love.

Love will find me and love me someday.

coz I have a heart full of love.

I was still lying on the floor,

under the running fan drenched in sweat,

I gathered the courage to unbolt the closed doors,

I fill my eyes with lots of love,

coz I would be needing a loving heart to fight and for sustenance.

I may not have a successful career,

I may not be a daunting wife or a mother,

but for sure I will secure a place in everybody’s heart,

coz love binds us and never do apart.

I am ready to face the world,

I will not change myself, coz I can’t be a caged bird.

I will survive with Love, on Love, for Love.


10 thoughts on “Broken wings mended with LoVe

  1. “My small eyes- window to the world- tightly closed”- I loved this analogy of eyes to the window…witnessing the world outside.

    Also, the repetition of the word,’albeit’ has made the piece bold enough. Beautifully written, Nimi… 🙂


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