Mission- FINDING nimi

,remembering the memories of old timeS
.listening to the music of wind chymE
,i can see the old tree , which i use to climB
.making garland for the “kanha” idol painted in color limeE
,missing my siblings ,my partners in crimE
,i want to go back , to the DDnational timeS
,i want to see duck tails,and sing ducktails song in rhymE
,i want to shout “I am the HE MAAAAN ” which use to come on channel primE
,i want to wear the dress made by my motheR
.i want to fly as if i have wings and featheR
,i want to play “hide and seek” ,”Raja wazir chor sipahI”
.and not live in a place with wi fI
,what I am searching for what type of happiness, i am unawarE
,the more i m searching ,the far from happiness i m herE
,why life has become so compleX
.dO i really get happiness in multipleX
,i still remember having dinner , in my small kitcheN
.at that time i used to relish all that i have eateN
,the warmth of the love of my motheR
,use to save me from the cold winteR
,we whole family use to have dinner togetheR
,now even at a festival we don’t gatheR
,she still waits for uS
.but we have acquired an attitude towards her which is callouS
,now I search for the same joy in dominoS
.though “ghar ka makhan” taste better but still I say kudoS
,just thinking where I have landed noW
.is this is the place which i used to think as woW
,all this has happened ,because i saw the picture of happiness from someone else’s eyeS
.i just followed people with my eyes blindfold in branded suit and in neck tieS
,now I am lost , don’t know how to go bacK
.stuck in middle of a place which is fakE
,could anyone help me finding the real happiness , the real ME
.i m on a mission and have named it as FINDINGNIMI


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