I want to knock that blue door….


I want to knock that blue door in the hills,
Coz I have heard that Love lives there.

The blue door leads you to the living room,
this would be the best part of house I assume.
It has a cozy sofa and a dining table,
laid with food cooked and spiced with love.
Everybody sits there and listens to each other’s fable
The aroma of love and food is spread all over.

I want to be there at lunch or dinner
Coz I have heard that laughter lives there.

In the backyard there’s a small garden,
it’s kinda replica of that beautiful heaven.
One side of garden belongs to the father
who has planted colorful and beautiful flower.

The other side you will find plants and trees
laden with fruits and vegetables,
they sways in the cold and peaceful breeze,
and the taste is incredible.
This part belongs to the mother,
how can she do all this despite her pain often I wonder

Oh! I forgot to mention,
there’s a wind chime at the garden entrance.
It often sounds like a gentle lullaby
the sound enchants every passerby.

I want to hear that sound and breathe that air
Coz I have heard that peace live there

I see him sitting with his mother in that verandah,
holding her tightly giving a million dollar smile.
It felt as if happiness is there in verandah
the place brightened little more coz he was there for a while

I want to sit in that verandah,
coz I have heard happiness lives there

Ah! there I see by the side of kitchen
a small abode of him,colored in shades of pink.
But I think he wanted the wall color to be in blue,
coz that sounds peace and that reflects his self ,his true

A bookshelf, a fairy lamp on window side to read
what else on earth would anyone need.

I want to live in that room,
coz I have heard that there dreams comes true.

A place is heaven,
if it’s an abode of love,
A place is heaven,
where we place everyone above,

I want to knock that blue door in the hills,
Coz I have heard that real heaven is there.


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