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I was just browsing the site “” and came across this article “”. I found it very interesting coz this is the one of the important issue of our life with which we have to deal. Saving money is as important in today’s scenario as taking breadth. In todays’s world of uncertainty we need to have savings for any unseen incident. At the same time, maintaining status in the society is also important. People in today’s world love to flaunt their mobile phone, cars, bikes. Weekend get aways , movies etc are the timepass. People love living that ways, they live for today and just forget about the future.

But I have learnt that just by a little efforts we can save for future and live at the moment. Here are few of the tips that will make or life easier.
What we love to do:- Travel, party, spend quality time with friends and family. how we can save money…………

  1. Travel ::::: We can save a lot of money by following simple tips
    1. We should do all booking before starting our trip. Generally we reach the destination and then look for places or taxi or cab etc. Such a approach ends up paying more for less.
    2. A travel kit should be ready all the time which should include brush, paste , medical kit etc. Even small things are expensive at the hilday destinations
    3. Instead of taking a package , we should opt for google, feedback sites and book on our own. Buying packages is paying more for less.
      1. Shopping is one thing we should avoid and incase we want to buy some speciliaties of that place , we should google about the price and famous shops at the place.
      2. Hotel bookings : – For hotels we should go for Government hotels. These days there are so many sites where in we can book rooms at the cheapest price by comparing the price.
      3. For choosing the routes there are so many applications which can tell us the best shortest route that will save us a lot of money.
  2. Party : Party is one thing which can cost you a lot of money. So proper planning is required so that we don’t end up paying for more.
    1. Parties should be planned as per the crowd.
      For eg.
      If we are planning a pizza party for friends. We should look for offers available on the website and plan accordingly. Many a times there are many economic offers which give the customer large discounts.
      Party at home will be cheaper option as compared to a party in restaurant. Few dishes at home and ordering few from outside will do a great job.
  3. Household goods shopping: We need to look for option on net and in local market and what are our needs.Many a times we go for big bazaars or online shopping. But geenrally as per my experience, grocery is cheaper in local market. We just need to put in efforts and find the market.

  4. Credit cards and Debit cards handling : Every thing has its negative and positive effects. These things should be used wisely else they can do you and unrepairable harm. We should not use credit cards for impulsive shopping. Instead credits cards should be used only at places where we are getting discounts. Also should keep an account of how much money is spent from credit cards. There are offers where in we get free movie tikcets . Such offers can be availed and money can be saved.

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