yummy food or yummy tummy or both

My face was resting on my hands and my eyes were resting on my friends plate. The plate was full of oily tasty “Aloo ki sabji” and a circular “Poori”. She was eating and enjoying “aloo-Poori” without a second thought. She was so slim and me a fatty ,overweight :(. Whoever offers me such delicious food I just take a bite with a heavy heart and remember the song played in the advertisement “aloo poori tu bhi kabhi hath aa sahi se, mein yahan tukdo mein jee rahi hoon”. I am so jealous of my friend.

Whenever I think of my past, I realize that I have been on crash diets all my life. Many a times on the famous GM diet, invented by GM motors people or whoever. All internet pages related to “How to lose weight” have been visited by me at least once. The diets have helped me lose weight but I gain it back in some time. Apart from that I also experience hair fall, tiredness and so many health related issues. After so many crash diets I have realized that crash diets are nothing but a total nutritional loss from the body instead of weight loss. To lose weight we need to follow a healthy diet, a nutritious diet. Along with this an exercise regimen is required. This is the perfect key to unlock the route to a perfect, slim and healthy body.

A healthy diet is what consists of all nutrition in proper quantity.Exercise will consume the fats in excess quantity and nutrition will cover up for any deficiency. A healthy diet should have a good intake of fruits, milk, juices etc. Well these days I am trying to go on a healthy diet. So I try to stick to the below mentioned rules

DO’s and Dont’s of a healthy diet

  1. Less oil Oil is the main source of fat stored in our body.There are different types of oil available in the market. You will find soyabean oils, groundnut oil, coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil of different brands. We should be careful while choosing oil for us. These days people buy oilve oil for cooking. Olives oil are of different types. All olive oils types are not good for Indian cooking, so we need to be careful while choosing oil.
  2. Sugar – Sugar is one thing which also adds weight to the body. We should avoid sugar and should go on a honey diet. A click on the page ” http://www.daburhoney.com/ ” will lead us to a repository of recipes, a honey diet. The intake of sugars should be reduced in juices,milk,tea etc we take.
  3. juices We should avoid canned/packed juices and prefer fresh juices.
  4. Vegetables should be less fried and less cooked,else the nutrients are lost in the process.aken
  5. We should make sure that dinner should be light and breakfast should be heavy.
  6. Morning Walk and walk after dinner is very important to digest the dinner and a healthy body.
  7. Junk food doesn’t contain any nutrients. They should be avoided as much as possible.
  8. Water should be taken after half an hour. And it should be lukewarm water.
  9. While purchasing milk we should keep in mind that milk expiry date is always one day in advance. So if we buying milk today,the date should be of tomorrow.

Well such a diet needs self-control. We need to stay away from all the mouth-watering,oily dishes for sometime and exercise is a must along with that.

I am trying so…. Wish me luck .. 🙂


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