I want to write ……..

Its been months that I haven’t written anything by heart. Rather I should say that I haven’t talked to my self. Why ?. I don’t know exactly. And result is that I am feeling restless, in a state of half awake. Like if you wake up in the middle of night you don’t have anything to do and you don’t feel like doing anything and you want to sleep but you can’t sleep. You can’t wakeup anybody and share your restlessness in the middle of night. I am in the same state. “Writing deprived” and “sleep deprived”. I want to write,but I can’t write. I want to sleep but I can’t.

I looked for a reason, If I am worried about anything, but that is not at all the case. If  I am not happy, but that is also not the case. Am I sad ??. No. I am OK.

Am I missing somebody ?, But everybody is just a click away and if yes whom I am missing ?. My friend or my family?. My school days or my college life?. I don’t have any answer.

Am I loooking for some answers ? If yes, then what is the question ?

It’s 12:42 AM. Next day has started but still it’s midnight. I am sitting near a window and can listen to the sounds of a wind chime from the balcony of my neighbour.I am madly in love with the sound of wind chime,but still that wind chime is not bringing any peace. A cool breeze, beautiful moon hidden behind the clouds. Everything seems to be so perfect, but still I can’t write.

Is it like There are times when you can write and speak your heart and there are times when you can just wish to write.

I don’t know whatever it is, but I just want to write.


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