Unknown common or known uncommon feelings – Part 2

She : “Kaisa bana hai khana”
He : “Achcha bana hia”
She : “Bas achcha bana hai”
He : “Nahi bahut achcha bana hai”
She: “Kitni rating doge out of 10”
He: “8”
She : “bas……”
and CONVERSATION goes on ………………………….

As far as I know, every human being needs appreciation. As food is basic need of physical body, appreciation, praise, love these are the food items for the soul. And the  best part is even we know we are not good, we need a pat on back.

For instance, I am not at all a good cook. But whenever I dirty my hands in kitchen I need “INAAM”. I serve the food and wait for everybody’s reaction. When I get no comment I specifically ask how this vegetable tastes. And I want it to be praised no matter how it is. :). I know it’s unfair but I can’t help. After all I have put in so many efforts to cook food.

He: Hi Sweety, I got this skirt for you from UK. How’s this

She : Wow it’s great. You have a good choice…(Inside her mind….OMG how I can wear this color. But to keep his heart I have to appreciate him)

Boys really have a bad choice when it comes to clothing though I exceptions are always there ( Though I have never met any). But they want their mother/wife/girl friend/sister to appreciate their choice.

I remember once my brother got a top  for me and a sari for my mother. When he was giving us the gifts, me and my mother both looked at each other and smiled. That saree is still in almirah :). Though it’s a precious gift but you can’t wear anything like that . I tell you my brother choice is really bad when it comes to clothing.

Well………………………….sometimes I think that we should be true to the other side and sometimes I think “Ki haan karne  mein kya jata hai. Doosra banda ya bandi khush ho jayega ya ho jayegi” .

And we have one “SHLOK” also

Satyam bruyat priyam bruyat, Na bruyat satyam apriyam;
Priyam cha nanritam bruyat, Eshah Dharmah sanatanah:

Meaning :—

You should never speak a bitter truth,
you are not allowed to speak a sweet LIE.

khair whatever it is , I want to be praised whenever I cook food, I want to be appreciated for my shopping …….. etc etc …..

What about you ?????


4 thoughts on “Unknown common or known uncommon feelings – Part 2

  1. Interesting food for thought, Nimisha.
    Earlier I used to believe in sweet lies, but as I grow older I find myself being point-blank in praise as well as in criticism.


    • Thanks Ragini. I think appreciation is always welcomes. But when you are on the other side , then the response differs depending on person to person. Like if my daughter cooks uneatble food, i will still appreciate her for her efforts. But when my cook will do the same thing she will get a scolding from me. Sometimes you just don’t want to tell the truth, because the other person is self appraiser and you are tired listening to him… and so on 🙂


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