Unknown common or known uncommon feelings or known common- Part 3

So here’s another type of feeling or emotion which is common but I guess more than unknown it is unsaid.

Once upon a time” I went to my friend’s cubicle in office. I wanted to ask her something related to updating personal data on the official website. She was eating some fruit. I swear I didn’t even saw what she was having but she had a “dhaska” (I don’t know what we call it in English 😛 I hope you all will understand its like when something stuck while eating). I helped her by patting her on back and was about to offer her water when she said she is “OK” . She then resolved my issue and I came back to my place. But there was something in my mind going on …Will she think that “Meri us fruit per Nazar lag gayi ? That’s why She had a dhaska while eating”. I was feeling so bad… OMG she will think about me like this.

So many such incidents happen in our day-to-day life where we are in an awkward situation without any reason.

Another kind of incident: There are 100’s of people sitting in a forum and all of a sudden you ask a silly question just out of curiosity. You realize later but whenever you remember this incident you feel irritated like How could you ???? :(. Unfortunately there is no UNDO button for such things.

We often come across such situation when we say such things which reminds the other person of a bad incident of his/her life. I remember once unknowingly discussing “PS : I love you ” with one of my friend. Later on I got to know that similar kind of incident happened with her boyfriend. I felt so bad, angry, irritated, guilty.

In such cases you do a mistake unknowingly but you will have to carry the guilt all your life.

CAN we do anything about this ???


2 thoughts on “Unknown common or known uncommon feelings or known common- Part 3

  1. Oh, I can so relate to this, Nimisha. You know, that feeling when somebody is being put down by a bully, or says something silly and people make fun of them, and we start feeling protective towards them or start putting ourselves in their shoes. Also the kind of incidents that you have described. I guess people who are overly sensitive and emotional realise this more than the regular folks.

    Best, Ragini


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