I can’t get the image out of my head……

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When I read this week’s WOW topic  “I can’t get the image out of my head”  few images flashed in my mind, unfortunately all sad, haunting me since the time I saw  them or imagined them. And whatever I do to remove them from my head, the more they spread in my brain cells 😦 Out of those I choose to write about two of them….

तमाम रात है जलना,
लिखा है किस्मत में
की अपने पैरो पर जलना है
ज़िंदगी नूर है,
मगर इसमें जलने का दस्तूर है
अधूरे से रिश्तो में जलते रहो,
अधूरी सी सांसो में पलते रहो
मगर जिए जाने का दस्तूर है
रवायत है की ज़िंदगी गहना है,
ये हीरा है और चाटते रहना है,
की लम्हो में मरने का दस्तूर है—–(Gulzar)

Thers’s a kind of species living on this earth, which looks like Human being but they are actually animals or devils. They hurt people, kill people, without even thinking how they will change the lives of others…

Hello Zindagi – 

It was long time back, I guess was in class 6th or 7th. I was watching this serial late in the night called “HELLO ZINDAGI”. The format of the serial was like Nalini Singh used to pick few incidents from real life and then show it on TV in the form of a story and if possible she used to interview the real life people related with the incident. So that day Nalini Singh was telling about an incident that happened with working couple. The couple had two small children, a 4-5 yr girl and 6-7 yr boy.  The story started by the couple deciding to keep a tenant so that their children could be taken care of when they were working in office till late evening. They finally decided for a couple as a tenant, where husband was working and wife was a homamaker. They decided that they will keep the keys with the  tenant and when children will come back from school, they can take the keys.The couple was happy and relaxed as now the children were safe at home and under guidance of the tenants.  This arrangement was working fine until one day.When the couple came back from office they saw something which made them realized that keeping tenant was their life’s biggest mistake.

She saw her small girl of 3 years lying on bed in blood …………….

I just can’t get the image out of my head…..

Damini / Nirbhaya 

When you read something, your brain create images. I have still those blurred images of Damini in my mind, brrutally treated, rod inserted in her body…….. when I read it in newspaper.

I just can’t get the image out of my head…

There are few more images ….

Such images just can’t get out of our head and we just can’t help it …..



2 thoughts on “I can’t get the image out of my head……

  1. Too intense/ Hats off to Gulzar Saab for those lines. And your reference to Hello Zindagi- reminds me of “Rishtey” on DD National – it use to bring out real life incidents. Beautiful relationship based stories, simply narrated.


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