POLICE is for help ???

I was little scared, when I started writing about this incident. Because sometimes expressing your thought could harm you, no matter you are living in the largest democracy of the world.But I had to, because this time it was my friend who was affected by the callous attitude of the POLICE department.

My friend and her father came to Mumbai for vacation. Her father was standing in a queue for MahaLaxmi Devi temple, when somebody stole his wallet. The wallet had around 5000 Rs, some important documents, 2 ATM cards, voter card. They immediately went to police station and asked them to register an FIR.

The first question police asked :-

  • What is the proof that your purse is stolen.
  • Show me your identity proof.
  • Why should we trust you. ?. Everyday so many people come to us complaining their things are stolen.

The thief within seconds cracked the ATM code and took out the money. All his month’s salary gone. How will he manage ?. At last my friend’s father gave up and convinced himself that Maha Laxmi wanted this money, so she took away money this way.  Nobody really cares , neither the POLICE nor the thief .

But this incident left me with some questions for the police department :-

  • Why would a person come to police station , if his things are not stolen ?
  • How can a person show you his identity proof when his purse/wallet is stolen which has his identity proof. ?
  • Why will you[POLICE] not trust us [Common People] ? When I am saying that my things are stolen, You should trust me and do your duty of searching the thief.
  • If everyday so many people are coming to you with compaints that their things are stolen, that means you people are not doing your duty properly. even after installing CCTV camera. You can see the thief on CCTV camera, even than you can’t catch the thief. For what you people are hired for ? What IS THAT you PEOPLE CAN DO ? If population is more and you are unable to control crime, then please resign. Why you should be paid ?

I really wonder that our POLICE is so WEAK that even after seeing the thief in CCTV camera, they are unable to catch him. Or is it like something cooking ? Or is it like  over a period of time, CRIME has become friends with the people whose primarily duty is to save people from CRIME.

I have heard so many incidents about this callous attitude of POLICE where in they deny our basic right of registering an FIR. My laptop was stolen infact there were 2 lapatops, mobile [Pretty expensive] were stolen. We went to police station, but they didn’t entertained us and denied to register an FIR.

Once my friend called at 100 and asked them to help a women sitting on the road badly injured. She was with the women for around half an hour or so, but Police never came. Later on in the midnight , 3-4 hours after she called POLICE,  she got thousands of call from POLICE. “Haanji Madam, aapne call kiya tha. batayie kya problem hai ?. ” Sir please understand I was in problem 3-4 hours before. Mera jo bhi nuksan hona tha, uske liye you have given enough time to the criminal”.

Well whatever is the reason, this behaviour is not accepted.

PS: Such incidents make me often think, kya sach mein mera INDIA mahaan. :(. And this happened, during Independence week. What kind of independence we really celebrate 😦


2 thoughts on “POLICE is for help ???

  1. This is so unethical and I think it’s also against the law that a person is denied of help by the police when he needed that! Such cases are indeed making the entire police force nothing but a farce. Thanks for sharing the incident. Really feeling sorry for your friend’s father…. 😦


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