Sometimes I want to…

Sometimes I want to talk, talk a lot,

talk about the beautiful moments we spent together.

Sometimes I want to walk, walk a lot,

walk with you by my side forever.

Sometimes I want to dance, dance a lot,

to the tunes of which you are the composure.

Sometimes I want to laugh, laugh a lot,

so much that I could broke down in to tears from that immense pleasure.

Sometimes I want to fall, fall just like that,

so that you could hold me like a feather

Sometimes I want to dream, dream a lot,

dream about you as if there is no one like me a dreamer

Sometimes I want to go deep in water, deep down in the sea,

And dropped on the shores by the waves like sea shells,

Sometimes I want to fly , high in the sky like a bird,

so that in the evening I could nest on your terrace , under the sky blue or amber.

Sometimes I miss you , miss you a lot,

so much that I wish that I should not have met you ever.


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